Monday, November 30, 2015, Safar 17, 1437 A.H.
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After the success of the 1st season of program Ghamdi, a new season is being launched with an entirely different treatment and host, while keeping the core of the program the same which is addressing religion and philosophy in a very bold and thought provoking way.


“Ghamidi” is now an interactive talk show with the youth that discusses  issues related to Islam. The guest Javaid Ahmed Ghamidi is a well known scholar and educationist who has an unprecedented mastery over a range of issues being confronted by our society. His vast knowledge of politics issues, economic conditions, cultural aspects and religious values open up new vistas of thought for the viewers.


He breaks myths and taboos that are embedded within every individual.


It is an opportunity to find out possible answers to questions that have and are continually hitting the minds of scholars, thinkers, intellectuals, and the youth of today.


Questions asked by students are wide ranging depending on the topic of the program. The show aims at directing the audience away from conflict and extremism towards what can be termed as true path. It creates balance between two extremes (liberal and religious).


Host: Owais Iqbal
Director & Producer: Mohammad Kamran Butt 
Sunday 01:05pm
Repeat telecast 2:05am

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