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To build a reputable identity in a cluster of different channels in just a period of four years was not an easy task. Geo is known for its unique entertainment, hot talk shows, truth revealing news and informative programs.

Exclusivity of GEO

National association of Broadcasters (USA). World’s largest association of broadcasters has honored GEO with the “Award for Quality” declaring it an international standard television channel.

Some international newspapers, magazines and news agencies have commented on the unique style of GEO and various have quoted it extensively. These include NewYork Times, Washington Times, Financial Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times.
Francisco Chronicle, AP, AFP, Reuters, CNN, BBC, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, Times of India, The Hindu, Aaj Tak (India), Kyodo (Japan), Al Jazeera and other important television channels. Even the US State Department often quotes GEO.

Geo has been described as the CNN and BBC of Pakistan due to its enormous news network within Pakistan and all over the world.

Geo is the only independent and liberal channel with the unique honor of consistently breaking news. The journal of Mass Communication, quotes that it was the first to come up with the election results even beating the state channel, while its interviews and analysis got top ratings among the viewers. It further quoted that Geo offered new and innovative ideas not seen before on any television channel.

According to Gallup, Geo is highly rated and the most watched satellite channel in Pakistan for its entertainment, news talk shows and flavored programs.

NewYork Times, one of the most prominent newspapers of the world, has quoted that Geo changed the media scene of Pakistan. It is the most popular channel with the highest viewer ship in cities.

Geo is based in Dubai and Is broadcast for south Asian viewers of M.E, Europe, Canada, North America and UK. Besides of burros in Pakistan a robust network feeds regularly. Life content from New York, los angles and London.

Geo won a special award at the nouticaslo TV festival 2005.

Geo has also been awarded best electronic mass media award 2004 by Pakistan adv. Association.

Business week one of the top 3 magazine of the world while including the news of MSR in 25 stars of Asia wrote that “Geo has become the most watched TV channel of Pakistan and its viewer ship is growing at the rate of 30% annually.

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