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    [title] => Family of four in Vehari severly burnt in acid attack by relatives
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    [excerpt] => The acid burn victims have been shifted to DHQ
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VEHARI: A man, his wife, and their two children were severely burnt after relatives broke into the house here Friday night and threw acid on them over an alleged land conflict.

Relatives of Noor Ahmed, one of the victims of the horrendous acid attack, broke into his house in the dead of the night and threw acid over the sleeping family, badly burning them. However, the suspects – including Ahmed Ali, Shahid, and others – escaped.

Noor Ahmed was involved in a property dispute in Chak 206 EB of Vehari – a town near Multan – with his relatives since some time and a case was underway in the civil court.


Note: Images have been blurred due to their graphic nature
Note: Images have been blurred due to their graphic nature


The acid burn victims – including Noor Ahmed, his wife Sharifa Bibi, and two children Anees Ahmed and Ali Sher – have been shifted to DHQ.

Police have subsequently launched an investigation and a search operation has been commenced to catch the suspects.

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