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Thursday Nov 30 2017

Pakistan Take on 3D-Lipo! - 3D-lipo | A Powerful Three Dimensional Alternative to Liposuction

Left to right: Roy Cowley (Founder), Antony Cost & Chloe Goodman (Celebrity Artists), Jawad Qureshi (CEO) and Ebad Baig (Member Advisory Board).

3D lifestyle has signed an agreement to purchase technology from 3D-Lipo Ltd in the United Kingdom to establish a network of non-invasive liposuction alternative and anti-aging clinics across Pakistan. With an ever-growing market in the medical aesthetics and beauty vertical in Pakistan, 3D lifestyle aims to reach a network of 100 clinics by the end of 2018. Pakistan currently has a beauty market that accounts for 300 Billion PKR with a 15 percent annual growth in the past 3 years.

Pakistanis are no longer carefree about their looks and their physical appearance. It appeared that surgical procedures and injectables were the only options available. The Nation's Citizens will now be waking up to a 3-Dimensional approach to face and body contouring treatments like fat (inch) loss, skin tightening, cellulite removal and facial rejuvenation; all through non-surgical technologies innovated by 3D-Lipo UK Ltd. Plastic surgeons, Dermatologists and Cosmetologists across the world have taken 3D Lipo devices in their clinics to deliver exceptional results for their patients, which include an overall abdominal circumference reduction from 7 to 10 inches on an obese patient as well as making many look younger through the ever popular HiFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) treatment. This non-invasive revolution is expected to hit the Pakistani medical landscape in a hard way, with many doctors already having signed up and awaiting delivery of their 3D-lifestyle devices.

Jawad Qureshi, CEO 3D lifestyle said: “The Non-Surgical technology from 3D-Lipo Ltd has been unknown to Pakistanis and thus allows us to build a network of clinics that offer the same results for every client that walks-in and allowing quality in service to be achieved through a centralised mechanism to protect the value we wish to create in the brand. Pakistan’s changing lifestyle and consumption patterns of households as well as the role of the working women in leading trends in the beauty market are a promising factor in our strategy.”

Roy Cowley Founder 3D Lipo UK Ltd stated : “We are delighted to announce our partnership with 3D lifestyle in Pakistan and to be working alongside a team of professional Doctors and Aestheticians who, we know, will represent our brand to the highest standard and will provide a perfect platform for the clinics in Pakistan to successfully offer our clinically proven innovative Non-Surgical treatments to all of their patients.”

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