Time Friday Jun 04 2021

PSL 2021: Shadab Khan seeks to regain lost form in Abu Dhabi

Islamabad United Captain Shadab Khan during the interview with Geo News. Photo: Reporter

  • Islamabad United captain Shadab Khan believes UAE leg of PSL will be a new beginning for all teams.
  • Shadab says players will have to be mentally strong and focus on recovering after playing in the warm weather.
  • All-rounder says Islamabad United will not let fans down and is aiming to win its third PSL trophy.

KARACHI: Pakistan’s young all-rounder Shadab Khan wants to regain his lost bowling form during upcoming matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Abu Dhabi.

In a virtual interview from his hotel in Abu Dhabi, the 22-year-old told Geo.tv that he is eager to start doing what he was known for when he resumes the campaign for the third-placed Islamabad United.

“I missed several games this year due to injury, it also affected my bowling but now I am back and fully fit and looking forward to play my part with the ball for Islamabad United," Shadab said confidently. He added that the the UAE conditions suit him, saying that he will try to take "maximum advantage" of this.

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“I have in my mind that I started my PSL career in UAE and I’ve done well here in international matches as well. So this gives me confidence. I am hopeful of giving my best to my team,” said the leggie.

Shadab, who is also the captain of Islamabad, reiterated that he considers himself a bowling all-rounder and will remain one. He also revealed that his injury helped him improve his batting.

“I wasn’t doing much bowling while I was injured but that helped me switch my focus to my batting and my batting improved a lot. I always try to contribute for my team as an all-rounder and that will be the aim for me again,” said Shadab.

The all-rounder, who is currently the youngest captain in the PSL, believes that the UAE leg of the PSL will be a new beginning for everyone as teams will have different combinations and conditions.

However, he assured his fans that his team will resume their quest for a third title with the same momentum that his side had when PSL was abruptly stopped.

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Islamabad United had won 3 out of 4 matches and was above Lahore Qalandars on basis of NRR on the points table.

“We will try our best to continue that. Results are not in our control so we aren’t worried about it. Efforts are in our hands and we’ll leave no stone unturned with that,” vowed Shadab.

The skipper said that his team seeks to win the first match against Lahore Qalandars and maintain that momentum in the future games. 

"Our squad looks good with return of Munro and drafting of Brandon King and Usman Khawaja. We have a good combination,” said the captain. 

Heat may be an issue in UAE, says Shadab 

When asked about the temperature of UAE, Shadab admitted that heat will be an issue but added that this is beyond the team's control. He further said that players will have to be mentally strong and focus on recovering after playing in the warm weather.

The Islamabad skipper also spoke about he difficulties of life under quarantine. 

“Imagine, you being in room, confined and have no one else but only yourself to see. This is most difficult thing and can be mentally exhausting for anyone,” said Shadab.

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“We tried to continue working on our physical skills even during isolation so that we can stay fit to immediately resume our skill training,” he said.

Shadab also spoke about his “Roti Group” — a WhatsApp group of his team mates made for eating out. He said that he misses the gatherings with his friends.

He said that the regulations do not allow him, otherwise, he would’ve brought each member of his “Roti Group” to the Islamabad United side.

Replying to a question, Shadab said that his side won’t let down fans and is aiming to win another trophy.

“I know that we don’t have a big fan base but we still have good fans who’ve always been there for us. We’ll try to keep winning and increase our fan base and keep providing them reasons to celebrate,” said Shadab.


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