How politicians reacted to PM Imran Khan’s U-turn statements

PTI lawmakers defended the PM’s statement while the opposition heavily criticised it

Prime Minister Imran Khan created a stir on Friday when in a meeting with senior journalists he made statements regarding leaders and U-turns.

The prime minister in the meeting said a leader who does not know how to take U-turns according to the requirements of the situation is not a real leader. The Prime Minister also referred to Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte and said, “Hitler and Napoleon suffered huge defeats and caused losses as they did not take U-turns.”

The prime minister’s statements led to reactions from politicians in the opposition and government.


Khursheed Shah 

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and former National Assembly Opposition Leader, Khursheed Shah was the first to react. During a news conference in Sukkur, Shah said, “Imran Khan is Hitler and is taking U-turns to avoid losses.”

The PPP leader added, “He [PM Imran] has made it clear and told the nation that he is Hitler.” 

Shah kept on criticising the prime minister the following day. “All Pakistanis who uphold democracy would have been shocked at the prime minister’s statement.”

According to Shah, “A democrat appeared in the form of Hitler and there can be no greater change than that.” 

Khawaja Asif 

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader and former federal minister Khawaja Asif tweeted his response to the prime minister's statements. 

“Imran Khan will take a U-turn on his U-turn statement as well. Please wait it won’t be before long.”

CM Murad Ali Shah 

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah who is from the PPP also weighed in. 

“We have moved from U to W which comes after U. It’s now W-turns,” the chief minister joked with reporters in Karachi.

Raza Haroon 

Pak Sarzameen Party Secretary-General Raza Haroon tweeted that taking a U-turn was not a good characteristic for any leader. 

"Serious misconception of leadership skills. One may need to adopt an alternate plan or path or strategy etc. ... but never #UTurn."


President Alvi 

President Arif Alvi came forward in the prime minister’s support and shared that he too has taken “U-Turns.”

During a visit to a shopping mall in Lahore, the president said, “Decisions are taken according to the situations.”

Governor Ismail   

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail also came out in support of prime minister's statement and said, "Prime Minister Imran Khan's statement regarding "U-turn was correct."

Governor Ismail added, "Until a leader doesn't take a "U-turn" he cannot take big decisions." 

Faisal Javed 

Senator Faisal Javed tweeted that a U-turn was a form of "assessment, rating, estimation, ranking, weighing up, consideration, analysis." 

Javed further said that it was crucial to have a proper evaluation of results and whether a U-turn was required. He added that there was a huge difference between a U-turn and a blatant lie.