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SEHWAN: The bereaved families affected by the deadly attack in Sehwan have still not been able to carry out the final rites of their loved one as they have not yet found the bodies.

At least 20 families have contacted Sehwan Taluka Hospital, searching for their relatives, said medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Moin Siddiqui while talking to Geo News.  

He said samples from 63 body parts at the hospital have been sent for DNA tests. The search for the missing people and bodies can be taken further once the DNA report is issued.  

Although 12 days have passed since the blast occurred at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, many people are still missing.  

After the blast, locals in the area had reported body parts of the deceased were found lying by a drain.

People of Sehwan and higher authorities condemned the act, saying remains of the deceased should have been buried.

Locals had also complained of rank and pungent smell that has filled the air because of the decaying body parts lying in the open.

When asked, Jamshoro Deputy Commissioner Munawar Mahesar had told Geo News he had personally looked over the collection of body parts of people killed in the attack. The deputy commissioner had maintained he was not sure how the remains were found lying by the nullah. He maintained the matter was being looked into.

However, he added, if the hair of the deceased got swept away while cleaning the premises then that is another matter. "But body parts cannot be thrown away," Mahesar had said.

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