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    [title] => Trapped miner Anwar’s family prays for a miracle
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LASBELA: Muhammad Anwar left for work at 7am on Saturday morning. He never returned.

His family was told that Anwar had gotten trapped inside a Zinc mine he worked at every day for eight hours. Rescuers were trying to reach Anwar and two Chinese engineers who has gotten trapped 700 metres below the surface.

By Wednesday, four days after the accident at the mine situated at Winder, Lasbela, rescuers had managed to reach 500 meter below.

The people trapped inside had little oxygen and no food and water.

Anwar has a wife and two children who depend on him. Like many other miners who work without safety equipment for meagre wages, Anwar lives in abject poverty.

His village does not have access to clean water.

For now, his family is praying for a miracle.

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