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    [title] => YDA strike in Punjab takes a new turn
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    [excerpt] => CCTV footage reveals a new side to the saga
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LAHORE: The alleged case of torture on Young Doctors Association (YDA) leader Dr Muhammad Atif Majeed took a new turn Tuesday.

Dr Atif had alleged that he lost his sight after anti-corruption officers tortured him on February 16. “Fellow doctors rushed me to the emergency ward after the incident,” he said.

The closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage received on February 18 showed Dr Atif running away after anti-corruption officers were attacked by members of the YDA.

The token strike at the out-patient department of the Services Hospital Lahore continues on the second day of the 48-hour ultimatum.  

On Monday, the association threatened to continue its province-wide strike in government hospitals upon the authorities’ failure to meet its demands.

YDA has been protesting a raid by a team of anti-corruption officials, who visited Services Hospital to arrest Dr Atif and Dr Salman. According to Anti Corruption Establishment Punjab, the two doctors are wanted for corruption allegations.


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