WATCH: Georgina Rodriguez shares fun moment of Cristiano Ronaldo's daughter

Spanish influencer shares another video of her gymnastics-loving daughter

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May 21, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez shared a reel capturing a fun moment of their gymnastics-loving daughter, who can be seen perofrming a cute somersault after jumping off a springboard.

Georgina Rodriguez, who is also a Spanish influencer, keeps uploading such posts on Instagram sharing moments of her family with her fans.

A new story of the 30-year-old Argentine-born showed a slow-motion video of her daughter who can be seen running toward the jumping area where she was pulled up by a spring board, and somersaulted before standing back facing her mother.

The video also showed her daughter coming back from the springboard and the video turning to normal.

This is not the first time, Rodriguez shared her moments.

Earlier this month, Cristiano Ronaldo's partner shared a cute update on Instagram showing her daughter performing a gymnastic act and then falling on the ground.

The influencer shared Alana Martina's somersaulting with the help of an apparent supervisor.

The video showed that the six-year-old girl carried out an acrobatic movement before cleaning the floor with her hand before rolling and falling on the ground.

She was also seen standing up again with a cute smile on her face.

The last child of the Portuguese footballer with the Argentine-born partner came into life in 2022 named Bella.