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Imranís rigging allegations on Geo News-27 Aug 2014
Jang/Geo Response to Imran's Allegations-27 Aug 2014
Geo Reports-09 Jul 2014-SHC Geo Ban Case
Cable operators blocking Geo channels to lose Licences-04 Jul 2014
Phir Se Geo Song
Geo News Restored-21 June 2014
Imran Khan's U-Turns on Sheikh Rasheed-01 Jun 2014
Geo TV not on Cable Network -01 Jun 2014
Geo/Jang response to allegation of being called a traitor
Insaf k Sath Geo or Jeney Do-Promo-31 May 2014
Zara Sochiye trademark used by another Channel-30 May 2014
Geo Still not available on Cable Networks-30 May 2014
Insaaf kay Sath Geo-Promo-29 May 2014
Azadi Gali Activities-29 May 2014
Geo Closure not acceptable by People-29 May 2014
Imran Khan Bowls No Balls of Allegations

Jang/Geo Apologises For Causing Hurt To
ISI -27 May 2014

Woh Bala Dast Sahi- Promo-25 May 2014
Imran Khan's Contradiction and Shireen Mazari's
U-Turn-23 May 2014
Imran Khan's Contradictory Statements
Students Reject ban on Geo-23 May 2014
Geo To Aisey- Protest Outside PEMRA Office in Karachi
22 May 2014
Kamran Khan defends Jang Group; offers resignation
if allegations proved-13 May 2014
Javed Jabbar on Foreign Funding-14 May 2014
PTI remained in favour on Aman ki Asha-12 May 2014
Senior journalists Reject Imran's Allegations-12 May 2014
PTI Workers On Geo-12 May 2014
Jang/Geoís Response to Imran Khanís Allegations
03 May 2014
Geo/Jang not blaming any Institution-21 April 2014
Sethi on Imran's Allegations-03 May 2014
Geo News response to allegations
Imran's allegations to Geo and ex-CJ-03 May 2014
Iftikhar Ahmed Challenges PTI Chief-03 May 2014

Cable operators not authorized to block Geo:LHC-10 Jul 2014
PEMRA Takes Notice of Geo Closure -08 Jul 2014
Altaf Hussain Asks Cable Operators to Open Geo News
Protest against Geo News Closure in ISB-03 Jul 2014
PEMRA Decision
Geo/Jang Group More Patriotic:Hamid Mir-01 Jun 2014
Politicians express solidarity with Geo -01 Jun 2014
Jangís resident editor attacked in Multan-01 Jun 2014
Geo's Response to Imran's Blackmailing Allegation-31 May 2014
Jang/Geo under Attack-31 May 2014
Diya Jalaye Rakhna Hai-Song 2-31 May 2014
ANP Leaders Criticise Imran Khan-30 May 2014
Students,teachers reject Geo Closure-29 May 2014
Geo to sue Pemra for Contempt of Court-29 May 2014
Analysts reject Imran Khan’s rigging allegations-29 May 2014
Miscreants burn Jang,The News Copies-26 May 2014
People Reject Geo News Closure-23 May 2014
Mr Jeem Karwa Such
Journalists Protest in Karachi Against Geo Shutdown
22 May 2014
Geo Reports-13 May 2014-Donít regret being part of
Aman ki Asha: Shafqat Mahmood
Geo Reports-13 May 2014-Donít regret being part of
Aman ki Asha: Shafqat Mahmood Geo News
FAFEN on Imran's Rigging Allegations-12 May 2014
Politicians on Ban on Geo-12 May 2014
Jang Group respects Armed Forces-21 April 2014
ISI Chief Behind Attack: Amir Mir-19 Apr 2014
Aaj Kamran Khan Kay Sath - 02 May 2014
Kamran Khan reply to Imran Khan's rigging allegations
Treason Cases In History-07 May 2014
Jang/Geo Appeal for Justice-30 April 2014 Geo News
Zaid Hamid Propaganda-25 April 2014