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  • Aman Ki Asha no foreign funding! Government of Pakistan approved it, started after feedback incorporated from ISI and ISPR!

  • Aman Ki Asha funding allegation was already nullified by Supreme Court 5 months ago. PEMRA apologized in writing!

  • Ehsan Mani SKMH Audit Committee Chairman was Chairman of the Bidding Commitee for Pakistan Sri Lanka/South Africa, Rejects Khan’s Allegations against GEO/Najam Sehti

  • Khan says Jang Group contorlled by foreign funding, Jang Group releases white paper, less than 1% revenue from donor driven/MKRF projects!

  • Khan uses FAFEN to prove Election Rigging. FAFEN says, Geo helped EXPOSE rigging, not involved in any Rigging, allegation childish by Khan

  • Geo Network pays more taxes than any other TV channel. Jang Group and GEO Network are not bank, or Tax defaulters.

  • Zara Sochiye Education funding from DFID was declared to Govt. & senior Military Establishment before starting

  • Asad Umer (Vice President PTI) was Board Member on the Zara Sochiye Education project.

  • GEO asked General Musharraf and the then DG ISI if any objection to broadcasting VOA. No objection.

  • Ajmal Kasab link to Farid Kot, Pakistan was first established by Guardian, Dawn and then Geo News.

  • Government of Pakistan admitted Ajmal Kasab was from Farid Kot, Pakistan.

  • Nawaz Sharif Speech on election night was shown first by Capital TV and then all channels including Geo.

  • Imran Khan was called Taliban Khan first by lubpak.com on 19 October 2008 and by PPP affiliated politicians.

  • GEO aired more debates/special transmissions and programs supporting peace with Taliban/Afghanistan then for Aman Ki Asha.

  • Before Shaista’s program same qawali aired on ARY thrice as well as Samaa, Express. Geo apologized what about others?

  • ARY aired the controversial video 62 times AFTER GEO apologised, inciting violence due to rivalry.

  • Arrest warrant for Zaid Hamid & Mubashir Luqman have been issued in defamation cases against Jang Group, 4 months ago.

  • Mubashir Luqman, Zaid Hamid have not been able to provide a single page of evidence in Court against Geo/Jang in the last 4 months.

  • Imran Khan, Mubashir Lucman, Zaid Hamid challenged by Geo/Jang to prove a single allegation in Court, we will shut GEO ourselves down
“US has given half of the support pledged by (the world). Please make sure that GEO reports that! GEO has reported a lot of anti-US stuff. “ Richard Holbroke in Press Conference in Pakistan- Foreign Funded Traitor? BanGEO# ?

Wikileaks: "We have evidence the Jang Group is consciously publishing and broadcasting false and inflammatory stories, without regard to the fact that they could encourage violence against Americans or against U.S. interests.” Foreign Funded Traitor? BanGEO# ?