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GEO News has openly challenged Mubashir Luqman, Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid to prove a single one of their allegations in Supreme Court and GEO News will itself shut its transmission down. GEO News is not just the most popular, and the biggest news channel of the country, it is also the most independent. Its independence is its asset as well as its liability and it is frequently punished for it.
The following are highlights of Geo and Jang Group’s response to the allegations. Below you can read the comprehensive response to each allegation.


  • Aman Ki Asha no foreign funding! Government of Pakistan approved it, started after feedback incorporated from ISI and ISPR!

  • Aman Ki Asha funding allegation was already nullified by Supreme Court 5 months ago. PEMRA apologized in writing!

  • Ehsan Mani SKMH Audit Committee Chairman was Chairman of the Bidding Commitee for Pakistan Sri Lanka/South Africa, Rejects Khan’s Allegations against GEO/Najam Sehti

  • Khan says Jang Group contorlled by foreign funding, Jang Group releases white paper, less than 1% revenue from donor driven/MKRF projects!

  • Khan uses FAFEN to prove Election Rigging. FAFEN says, Geo helped EXPOSE rigging, not involved in any Rigging, allegation childish by Khan

  • Geo Network pays more taxes than any other TV channel. Jang Group and GEO Network are not bank, or Tax defaulters.

  • Zara Sochiye Education funding from DFID was declared to Govt. & senior Military Establishment before starting

  • Asad Umer (Vice President PTI) was Board Member on the Zara Sochiye Education project.

  • GEO asked General Musharraf and the then DG ISI if any objection to broadcasting VOA. No objection.

  • Ajmal Kasab link to Farid Kot, Pakistan was first established by Guardian, Dawn and then Geo News.

  • Government of Pakistan admitted Ajmal Kasab was from Farid Kot, Pakistan.

  • Nawaz Sharif Speech on election night was shown first by Capital TV and then all channels including Geo.

  • Imran Khan was called Taliban Khan first by lubpak.com on 19 October 2008 and by PPP affiliated politicians.

  • GEO aired more debates/special transmissions and programs supporting peace with Taliban/Afghanistan then for Aman Ki Asha.

  • Before Shaista’s program same qawali aired on ARY thrice as well as Samaa, Express. Geo apologized what about others?

  • ARY aired the controversial video 62 times AFTER GEO apologised, inciting violence due to rivalry.

  • Arrest warrant for Zaid Hamid & Mubashir Luqman have been issued in defamation cases against Jang Group, 4 months ago.

  • Mubashir Luqman, Zaid Hamid have not been able to provide a single page of evidence in Court against Geo/Jang in the last 4 months.

  • Imran Khan, Mubashir Lucman, Zaid Hamid challenged by Geo/Jang to prove a single allegation in Court, we will shut GEO ourselves down
“US has given half of the support pledged by (the world). Please make sure that GEO reports that! GEO has reported a lot of anti-US stuff. “ Richard Holbroke in Press Conference in Pakistan- Foreign Funded Traitor? BanGEO# ?

Wikileaks: "We have evidence the Jang Group is consciously publishing and broadcasting false and inflammatory stories, without regard to the fact that they could encourage violence against Americans or against U.S. interests.” Foreign Funded Traitor? BanGEO# ?

  1. Geo and Jang Group have historically been traitors.

Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman started Jang 75 years ago from humble beginnings where he was the paper’s distributor, photographer, reporter and editor. The Jang Group, today, is the largest, most popular and most independent media group of Pakistan. Mir Khalil was a ‘traitor’ to the British Empire and was jailed for supporting the Pakistan movement which he supported from its foundational stages.

Translation: This report was sent by Chief Commission Delhi to British Government for the period September to 31st December 1941 listing extremist newspapers in which Jang Newspaper appears on No. 16. (British Government used to term those newspapers extremists who would support freedom movement).

  1. Geo and Jang Group are tax defaulters

Jang Group and GEO Network pay more taxes than any other media group in Pakistan. An analysis of taxes paid since GEO started would show it has been paying more taxes than top 3 channels, COMBINED. In 60 years operating history, Jang Group has never ever been convicted of any tax default by a Court of Law.

  1. Geo TV/Jang Group is driven by foreign funds thus follow foreign agenda!

There is no foreign ownership of GEO or Jang Group. GEO and Jang Group is fully owned by the family of Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman.

Contrary to allegations about foreign funding leveled by PTI Chairman Imran Khan that Geo TV/Jang Group is driven by foreign funds thus follow foreign agenda, all donor projects of the Jang Group and GEO Network, since the last 12 years (when GEO was launched), whether through MKRF or directly, including Zara Sochieye and VOA, make up less than 1% of the Group’s revenue.

GEO and Jang Group has challenged Imran Khan et al to verify this claim that will pass all scrutiny tests carried out either by judicial forum or any other inquiry committee.

Moreover, GEO and Jang Group reliance on Government advertising as percentage of its overall advertising is the lowest. Jang Group and GEO Network are the most independent media organization of Pakistan. We invite a media commission be made to check the entire media records for this to be double checked, and we wait for anyone in media to make a similar statement.

The group has faced multiple suspensions from advertising by government and related authorities in the past and a Constitutional Petition to this effect has been filed and pending with the Sindh High Court. In a petition submitted to Supreme Court Media Commission GEO requested the following in its prayers:

Direct the commission to recommend to honorable Supreme Court if in order to protect independence of media it should be mandated to declare assets of owners of media and hosts and anchors and reporters. If the Supreme Court feels it’s in the best interest to do so we will gladly declare and make it a policy for our media company and encourage others.
- GEO Response to Media Commission formed to investigate charges brought on by Petition filed by Hamid Mir and Absar Alam in the Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan

Moreover, as part of its detailed internal code of conduct Geo Asool (www.geo.tv/asool), which GEO TV Network made public and adopted on 14th of August, 2012, it also requested PBA for the following:

We propose that all channels disclose (on quarterly basis) government advertising reliance as percent of their total revenue and any advertiser that is more than 5% of its revenue. Since 3rd party data exists regarding the volume and minutes of all advertisers the % revenue data will indirectly reveal the rate card information as well. Therefore if any one channel were to do this alone then it will be disclosing its rate card and discounts structure which can put its competitive position at risk. Therefore we recommend to PBA (Pakistan Broadcaster’s Association) that this be made mandatory for all its members and GEO will be the first one to implement this policy.

- Geo Asool (Recommendations for Industry Body) http://geo.tv/asool/pdfs/E_Recommendations-Industry-Body.pdf

  1. Zara Sochiye Hudood Ordinance received funding from US, UK, India.

Zara Sochieye Hadood Ordinance advocacy debate/campaign received no foreign funding whatsoever.

  1. Aman Ki Asha is a Geo/Jang endeavor to further Indian agenda in Pakistan.

Aman Ki Asha is a non-profit indigenous media peace initiative between India and Pakistan’s largest media groups, and it has taken no funds from outside or foreign sources. Period.

Aman Ki Asha is a pro-Pakistan campaign that realizes peace has a socio economic dividend for our children ($550 billion dollars worth at least according to Harvard professors) and that the cost of conflict and war hurts us all. There are many however in India and Pakistan that are understandably afraid of change and there are some in fact that suffer financially as well if there is peace.

Aman Ki Asha was started AFTER consultation with senior most military establishment people (Including but not limited to DG ISI, DG ISPR), its advisors include ex-national security advisor and almost all events that had taken place of Aman Ki Asha included input and feedback from ISPR. Moreover the Aman ki Ashia initiative has received support and participation by all major political parties including Imran Khan himself on numerous occasions.

  1. Aman Ki Asha was funded by a Norwegian NGO funding for which can be traced to Doordarshan.

Foreign funding allegation, that Aman Ki Asha was funded by a Norwegian NGO and which can be traced to Doordarshan was brought up by Zahid Hamid quoting PEMRA and Supreme Court Media Commission report:


The Supreme Court took up the case and after reviewing facts and comments by PERMA and Government, PEMRA apologized in writing to GEO. The member of the Media Commission, Javed Jabbar has stated the following:

"At no point whatsoever does the Commission allege that the Jang/Geo group has secretly received funds from overseas or Indian sources. Nor does it record a suspicion that this group, or any other group is anti-Pakistan or disloyal to the country. From long inter-action with both its owners and its team for about forty five years , one is convinced that they are as committed to the security and well-being of our country as any one else, civil or military."

Javed Jabbar (Supreme Court Media Commission Member)

  1. Geo and Jang Group is a traitor because it falsely exposed Ajmal Kasab as a Pakistani citizen!

The Ajmal Kasab story, that he was from Faridkot near Lahore Pakistan, was first broken by Guardian newspaper and Dawn Newspaper, and then followed by GEO News.

Guardian – Revealed: home of Mumbai's gunman in Pakistan Village (7 Dec, 2008) http://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/dec/07/mumbai-terrorism-india-pakistan

Dawn – Crackdown hints at Faridkot-Mumbai link (11 Dec, 2008): http://www.dawn.com/news/333884/crackdown-hints-at-faridkot-mumbai-link

Geo News Airing of Ajmal Kasab’s links to Farid Kot (13 Dec, 2008): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E5G1vgbvjk

Geo News is a channel that believes in upholding the public interest. There are times when a channel must get to the truth even if it is bitter. Geo investigated the origins of Ajmal Kasab and this investigation led it to his home in Farid Kot. The spate of denials and the hostility of a certain section of our population was misplaced. At no time did Geo allege that Kasab had links with the Pakistan security forces. He was clearly described as a non-state actor but Geo was castigated for this revelation. Sadly, we were vindicated when the government owned up to our story.

Express India - After India, Sharif slams Zardari, says Kasab from Pak http://expressindia.indianexpress.com/story_print.php?storyId=400494

LUBPAK – Nawaz Sharif says Ajmal Kasab from Faridkot, Pakistan https://lubpak.com/archives/587

Also see: www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGcGeYo7LRU

It troubled us that a Pakistani national was involved in the Mumbai Attack. Geo TV is a responsible channel committed to the accurate dissemination of news. The subsequent admission by Pakistan about Kasab’s nationality did not result in any celebration by our channel. Our vindication saddened us.

Media in general and GEO News specifically gets accused by critics for spreading negativity, exposing the ills of our society, of demoralizing our viewers by exposing the fragile issues in Baluchistan, Missing Persons, Ajmal Kasab, debating Abbotabad debacle, whose fault is what and other sensitive issues. We simply believe that media’s goal and role is not to highlight just the positive but to help create an enabling environment for debate and discussion as well as to illuminate audiences through diverse points of views. The Jang Group has the most diversity in its views, columns, hosts and covers news from different angles. But the biggest dictum we believe in is:

"The truth no matter how bitter is more patriotic than a lie no matter how sweet." - Mr Jeem

Those of us who believe in this think we are preventing another Bangladesh from happening in Baluchistan. Those of us who believe in this think that by talking about Ajmal Kassab we can prevent others from becoming him. That all mistakes can be converted into learning through discussion.

  1. Geo is tightly controlled by its owners and only one particular point of view is aired that suit its owners!

GEO is accused of being tightly controlled by its owners and only one particular point of view is aired that suit its owners. GEO and Jang Group have the biggest diversity of opinions than any other media group. A group that enables views and debates as diverse as Najam Sethi and Ansar Abbasi, from Dr Aamir Liaqat Hussain to Hassan Nisar. We believe that there is room in Pakistan for both. The Jang Group allows and encourages self-criticism. Quite a few examples exist where our own people have openly criticized each other, as well as Group policy. For example regarding coverage of April 19th of the unfortunate attack on Hamid Mir, our own analysts and hosts were on GEO News within hours critical of the coverage and the way accusation was made. Even next day the same people were invited to express their opinions again. GEO’s comedy programs even make fun of their own people. Articles are written against Aman Ki Asha all the time. GEO Aur Jeenday Do policy of tolerance is the only way to do progressive and vibrant journalism and to create a similar society.

  1. Mubashir Luqman and Zaid allegations must be true because no legal action has been taken against them by Geo/Jang Group!

Mubashir Luqman and Zahid Hamid have been sued by Jang Group ever since they first did a program using out of context minutes from the Supreme Court Media Commission over 4 months ago. Arrest warrants have been issued for both but they keep getting bail. Contempt of court cases have also been filed against both but they continue to violate rules and law. Mubashir Luqman has not filed a single paper in court trying to prove any of his accusations with any evidence, however he had the time to do over 80 programs against GEO Network and Jang Group and its senior management as well as write a book based on these allegations. The Jang Group and GEO Network have challenged Mubashir Luqman and Zahid Hamid, along with Imran Khan, to prove a single allegation in Supreme Court, and GEO will shut itself down.

  1. Geo and Jang have links with Indian Intelligence and they used these links to publish an article in Hindustan Times to defame Pakistan!

Mubashir Luqman has been alleging that GEO with the help of RAW, got an article published in The Hindustan Times that defames Pakistan. Luqman alleged that an internal investigation conducted by The Hindustan times concluded the report published in HT was planted by RAW, Jang Group and an HT reporter. He also alleged that a story on internet in this regard was written and circulated by Mahmood Shaam – former Group editor of Jang Newspaper. All of this is false. Mahmood Shaam has denied that he wrote the report or got it from Hindustan Times. He said that he received an email and just forwarded it to an email group. In response to emails and phone calls by Jang group asking for immediate clarification Sanjoy Narayan - Editor-in-Chief of The Hindustan Times – confirmed on telephone and by e-mail, that internal investigation of the nature alleged in the report was ever conducted and therefore the conclusions mentioned in the report are also totally false. He termed allegations of involvement of Jang group ludicrous. HT also printed a clarification on these lines on their website as well,

See: http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/a-clarification-on-a-story/article1-1146369.aspx

Mubashir Luqman knows all this, yet he has repeated these allegations along with Zaid Hamid. Mubashir Luqman and Zaid Hamid have failed to produce a single document in court as proof yet they keep on repeating it.

  1. 200 Indian movies were purchased by the Jang Group and 100 billion rupees transferred to India using "hundi"!

Mubashir Luqman in yet another false allegation said that 200 Indian movies were purchased by the Jang Group and 100 billion rupees transferred to India using “hundi”. The Group has also been accused of running Indian movies on fake censor certificates. The Jang Group spokesperson has multiple times denied these allegations and said that all the movie purchases were done legally and the Censor Board had issued certificates only after their diligent review. The surprising thing is that the entire Pakistan’s cinema market is not even three percent of the said amount that Mubashir Luqman talks about. Mubashir Luqman and Zaid Hamid have also failed to produce a single document in court regarding this allegation yet they keep on repeating it as if its true.

  1. Jang Group and GEO Network were paid to support the independent judiciary movement!

Some anonymous websites claim that Jang Group and GEO Network were paid to support the independent judiciary movement. Not true. In fact independent lawyers movement had financially damaged the Jang Group and GEO Network by Rs. 1.94 billion as General Pervez Musharraf closed down all of GEO Network’s channels including Geo Super, AAG, GEO News, GEO Entertainment for 87 days while other media group’s news channels were only shut for less than a week. This loss in present value amounts to Rs. 3.47 billion.

  1. Jang Geo is a CIA/RAW/Mossad agent working against the interest of Pakistan!

Anyone who works to change the status quo in Pakistan will be labeled a traitor to the nation or to Islam. All change agents, will be labeled US, Indian or Israeli agents. We have faced these allegations before from those who were agents of the status quo and who do not want an independent judiciary and an independent media to expose the reality of the powers that be. Jang Group suffered 40 millions dollars of advertisement losses, during the independent Judiciary movement and was shut down for 3 months. The group suffered 20 million dollar worth of losses when it fought for an independent editorial policy during the previous Nawaz Sharif government. The Group faced similar allegations during the recent Zardari government as well and will continue to face them in future. But in the long term every loss of ours has been converted into a profit for the nation.

  1. GEO owes billions of rupees to PEMRA!

Mubashir Luqman has alleged GEO owes billion rupees to PEMRA. This is also completely false and baseless. PEMRA illegally tried to get a percentage of revenue tax allocated to each channel though its actual law doesn’t allow it to. In this regard the Pakistan Broadcasters Association, which is the representative body of television and radio stations, has already approached and received remedy by the court, and the very channel that the anchorperson is using as a platform is also a party to the issue.

Case Petition

Stay Order

Attached below is a payment certificate issued by PEMRA to GEO TV Network whereby PEMRA has certified that our annual fee for all channels have been paid up till 21-05-2015 and that no fee is outstanding against our network.

Mubashir Luqman knows this but he keeps on repeating the charge, and again doing so without going to court and producing a single piece of paper worth of evidence.

  1. Jang Group/GEO Network is defaulter of National Bank!

Mubashir Luqman and Zaid Hamid have alleged that Jang Group/GEO Network are defaulters of National Bank. This is not true, and Mubashir Luqman has been given documents to disprove this by the bank itself yet he keeps on making this allegation. In the interest of transparency we are providing context below. The previous government had stopped government advertising with the Jang Group, officially boycotting GEO denying access to political party and government representatives to its programs, aired GEO Super’s World Cup rights on PTV without paying for those rights, without bidding sold rights of ICC Cricket Rights exclusively to an Indian Sports Channel, shut down GEO Super for 3 months due to security clearance charge, as well as GEO News in one province for 20 days. Continuing part of this government strategy to influence Jang Group’s editorial policy was to recall all its previous National Bank loans all in one day despite the fact that a restructuring agreement had been signed by the bank a few days earlier. The Group took the bank to court but eventually the matter was settled and Group has been making all its payments.

  1. GEO has blamed DGI ISI without evidence and started a campaign against the Armed Forces, proving that GEO all along has been working for foreign forces!

It is alleged that GEO has blamed DGI ISI without evidence and started a campaign against the Armed Forces, proving that GEO all along has been working for foreign forces. GEO didn’t blame anyone. After the brutal attack on Hamid Mir, the allegations leveled by Amir Mir were based on a recorded statement that Hamid Mir handed to his family and friends for its release in case of any attempt on his life. The allegations might have surprised many viewers but the fact remains that the victim had shared his concerns with many of his friends and colleagues as well as different organizations that protect journalists including Reporters Without Borders, Committee to Protect Journalists and Amnesty International. Needless to mention that neither the family traumatized by this tragic incident was ready to wait nor were his colleagues and by law and custom the family and victim have a right to accuse their victim without proof, as that is how inquiries start. The family had decided to do a press conference against GEO if we didn’t take their point of view on air. The decision to air the allegation has a context that was not fully communicated. That context includes emails and other materials that wasn’t aired keeping sensitivities and restraints in mind to do with respect for Institution and National Security that only the Judicial Commission maybe able to appreciate.

Media flashes pictures when some other noted figures are held accused in any case? When 300 children die in Interior Sind the entire media shows picture of Qaim Ali Shah and also holds him responsible. When a train disaster happens people hold the railway minister also responsible. When Pakistan cricket team doesn’t do well many people hold the PCB Chairman responsible and when economy isn’t doing well of a country we hold the Finance Minister responsible and show his picture. In this case direct accusation was made.

On countless occasions since 2002 allegations on TV have been leveled against the then COAS Musharraf, the then ISI Chief Shuja Pasha, Premier Nawaz Sharif, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, former President Asif Ali Zardari, PTI Chief Imran Khan, former PM Yusuf Raza Gilani and former PM Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, the pictures of all these leaders were shown along with the allegations repeatedly by electronic media. When Benazir Bhutto accused the then President Musharraf, the then IB chief Brigadier Ijaz and the then Punjab CM Pervaiz Ilahi of conspiring to murder her, the pictures of all them were repeatedly shown for hours and days by the electronic media. When the PML-N had accused the then ISI Chief Shuja Pasha of backing Imran Khan and demanded his resignation, the PML-N demand and accusation along with Pasha’s picture were repeatedly shown on the electronic media. Hours and hours of footage has aired by all channels where Imran Khan has abused General Musharraf and the Armed Forces giving all sorts of allegations regarding its alleged support on War on Terror. Mubashir Luqman did several shows on COAS General Kiani calling him a CIA agent, even days before he retired. Faisal Raza Abidi for hours did press conference against Chief Justice of Pakistan and Supreme Court without any proof or following proper procedure to appeal to the Supreme Judicial Council. Just a few days ago Imran Khan alleged that GEO has rigged the elections, hours of this allegation was repeated in by all news channels. Mubashir Luqman has been airing allegations against GEO and Jang Group for the past 5 months without a single proof submitted in court. In all these examples in fact there was no proof. In all of these occasions PEMRA did not give a notice, no channel was shut down and no one called anyone Anti State.

It is also said that GEO aired the DG ISI’s photograph with the allegation for 8 hours, whereas, On April 19, 2014, the day of the unfortunate attack on Hamid Mir, 54 minutes of photo and allegation against DG ISI Zaheer-ul-Islam was aired. DG ISPR version with photo was aired for 45 minutes.

This should not be considered as a conspiracy. If pattern and behavior of electronic media is properly understood, question of any conspiracy won’t come into mind.

The above answer attempts to address the conspiracy factor accusation regarding our coverage of April 19th. There was no conspiracy whatsoever. The above does not attempt to address the merits and mistakes of our April 19th transmission. From that very evening and since then our programming, news, editorials and columns have addressed that in a diverse way including severe criticism from our own anchors and external participants.

  1. Jang/GEO group received special favor by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to acquire rights for the cricket series against Sri Lanka!

Mubashir Luqman and then Imran Khan have falsely accused that Jang/GEO group received special favor by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to acquire rights for the cricket series against Sri Lanka. The whole process was conducted in open and transparent manner and was witnessed by both bidders (GEO Super and Ten Sports) and a bid committee comprised of Ehsan Mani as Chairman legal department of PCB, retired judge, member of BOG, COO, CFO and independent international auditors (Ernst & Young).

Ten Sports, won the South Africa series rights through the bidding process and GEO Super won the Sri Lanka series rights due to higher bid amounts. Ten Sports is a 100 percent Indian owned company and yet no one raised an eyebrow against them or wrote articles one after the other. Due to interim appointments, the Supreme Court did not allow the PCB to enter into any long-term sale of rights that is why the bidding for the matches was for two series only.

Also the India Pakistan series had not yet been finalized therefore PCB did not want to sell their jewel without the crown and thus opted for short term rights. The insinuation that Jang Group is being tested to behave for 6 months with the government after which it will be rewarded 5 year rights is outright slander and insinuates that we would sell out our editorial policy. If Jang/GEO Group was to sell out why wouldn't it sell out to the previous government, which was alleged to have been the bigger deal makers! Why wouldn't it sell out to a military dictator in his most desperate times! GEO and Jang Group make money by being as independent as possible while others may make money by being dependent of the powers that be, all powers, local or foreign.

  1. GEO rigged the 2013 elections along with Chief Justice, bureaucracy and the PML-N. GEO announced PML-N as the winner at 11:05pm when only 19% of votes had been counted. GEO influenced the returning officers to swing the elections in favour of PML-N and showed Nawaz Sharif announcing himself as the winner at 11:23pm!

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan pinned the allegation of rigging on Geo News but failed to produce any evidence to support his claims. Imran Khan was asked to provide proof to back his allegations but he spent several days dilly-dallying and then finally held a press conference in a bid to prove his accusations.

To a question by a reporter, Imran Khan only referred to page number 5 of the ‘white paper’ published by his party over the alleged rigging of the general elections. When we looked at this page, it left us amazed as it only said that Pakistan Muslim League-N got maximum coverage by Geo TV. This in no way qualifies to be an evidence of rigging. A report released by the European Union’s Election Mission states that PML-N’s share of Geo News programming stood at 25 percent while that of PTI’s at 21 percent.

Rigging can’t take place during vote count as votes are counted in front of party representative at each polling station. Rigging takes place before vote counting during the actual voting process. Voting finished between 5-6pm. There is no way GEO or any media could influence rigging or be involved in rigging at 11:05pm, which was 5 hours after voting had closed. Kamran Khan and GEO News name shouldn’t be tarnished just because Kamran Khan showed partial results at 11:05pm.

In fact, Ayaz Khan of Express News said the following during Express News election transmission at 10:21 pm. “Mey yeh dekh raha hoon ke PML-N centre mein hukoomat bana sakti hey or Punjab mey unki government banegi aur Sindh mey PPP government banaey gi or mein yeh dekh raha hoon ke opposition bhi PPP ki hi hogi.”

Nawaz Sharif’s speech was shown by all channels and in fact GEO News was not even the first channel to show the speech.

Capital TV showed the speech at 11:28pm and Geo News & Dawn News aired the speech at 11:30pm.

Regarding showing of partial results, whether based on 19% or 30% polling station results, a frequent disclaimer was flashing on screen and was also being repeated verbally by our newscaster letting our viewers know that these are non-official and partial results. All over the world partial results are given in elections and in our case we were also showing per constituency what % of the polling station results have come in. This was not a projection but actual results that we were getting from our 11,000 correspondents working that day, who were getting polling station results directly from polling stations and returning officers and Election Commission sources. All channels were airing partial results and the same was done in 2002 and 2008. The method that was used to announce results was consulted by Dr. Ijaz Shafi Gilani (Gallup Pakistan) and Salman Naseer Danish (PTI) and was statistically safe. This is verified by comparing the result that GEO had given to other channels and final election results announced by the Election Commission. The difference between all channels was less than 10% though GEO was airing the results first due to its larger network and experience. If GEO had rigged the elections, were all top 5 news channels also involved as they were airing similar results? All local and international poll projections had also predicted similar trend as of the elections, does that mean they were also involved in rigging the elections with GEO?

Imran Khan didn’t share any allegations of GEO rigging elections with the GEO or Jang Group Administrations. First time GEO heard of the allegations was during Imran Khan’s press conference on the 2nd of May 2014. Imran Khan praised FAFEN (an election monitoring network) for pointing out election irregularities and rigging, however FAFEN CEO has categorically stated that Khan’s allegation is unfounded and childish for alleging that GEO had anything to do with rigging of elections.

Mudassir Rizvi, CEO FAFEN ( http://www.fafen.org) was the largest network of voter monitoring and fraud monitoring, told GEO News on camera yesterday, “Geo News is not responsible for rigging, we can only hold those responsible that had position of authority. We had an information sharing agreement with GEO which aired much of our data regarding rigging.” GEO News also received a note of appreciation for our contribution for elections 2013 transmission from FAFEN.

See Link:
Fafen Ne Geo Ko Clear Qarar De Diya by awaztoday101

Iftikhar Ahmad, Director Elections at Jang Group and senior anchorperson, has challenged Imran Khan to an open debate to prove his allegations and provide evidence. Iftikhar Ahmad also said, “Why these allegations were not part of the white paper that was released by PTI on elections rigging? Why is GEO being attacked now? And if Khan wants to improve election reforms then shouldn’t it be one year before the next elections, why now? I think Khan needs to be more mature and realize why he actually lost and show more sportsman sprit.”

GEO Iftikhar Ahmed challenge to Imran Khan (PTI... by imrankhanptl

Pakistan Election 2013..MQM Rigging -Footage of... by dm_518e7713a3b8e

Rigging Evidence #9 in Pakistani Elections 2013... by dm_518f3eefaa679

Khan Sb., you and Shireen Mazari also told millions of our viewers and your voters that Jang Group and GEO TV Network gave more coverage to PML-N than PTI. You tweeted an actual graph from a report by European Union Election Monitoring Report.

The European Union Election Observation Mission's report on Pakistan's 2013 elections reveals facts that belie the claim of Imran Khan and Shireen Mazari, the Information Secretary of PTI.

The report measures election coverage in multiple categories, including: a) rallies and press conferences; b) time allocated to political actors during Prime Time programming; c) direct speech/quotes within news; and d) political advertising.

The EU's report shows that in rallies and press conferences category, the PTI got the highest coverage from Geo News, which is almost twice as much as the second channel in this category - Express. (Approximations from graph shows: Geo 6,250, Express 3,500, ARY 3,000, Dawn News 2,750 ).

In time allocated to political actors in Prime Time programming category, again the Geo News gave the PTI the highest share compared to all other satellite news channels (Geo 21%, ARY 18%, Express 17%, Dawn News 16%).

In the category of time allocated to political actors in news, the Geo News gave the PTI the highest share, doubling almost the figure of the second highest. (Geo 32%, ARY 17%, Express 16%, Dawn News 16%)

In the category regarded direct speech within news, the news channel which gave the highest share of its coverage to the PTI was Geo News with 25%.

However, in the last category measured by the EU - time allocated to political advertising, the PTI gave more advertising air time to Dawn News, ARY, and Express than Geo News.

See the EU Report on: http://www.eueom.eu/files/pressreleases/english/eu-eom-pakistan-2013-final-report_en.pdf

See Usman Manzoor’s Article Today in The News:

  1. Geo did not support PTI in its efforts to expose rigging in Elections!

GEO showed more elections rigging footage than anyone. GEO was sent appreciation letter by Election Commission of Pakistan for sending it hours worth of elections rigging footage it gathered via GEO Dost. Geo also aired this footage on its programs and transmission.

Election Commission Praises Media and GEO:
Geo Reports-CEC praises Geo for Election... by GeoNews


News parhain, day of the voter, falaana, vote laazmi hai, vote kerna chahiye. Tou ab is se ziada tou mein expect nahi ker sakta hun. AUr aap loag sab hain. Media ne bara positive role play kia hai. Ye bata dun mein aap ko. MashaAllah, Iftikhar sb jo roz detay thay roz sham ko. Kamran jo deitay rehtay hain, Aur sab bhi, doosray media bhi per is channel ne zara do qadam ziada kaam kia. Kai roz se iftikhar sb roz aik program kertay hain ke vote do aakhir mein ja ke kehtay hain vote do vote do. Mein samajhta hun ye bohat achi signs hain. People are conscious of it, Media is conscious of it and InshaAllah acha nateeja aae ga.


Read the news. There are things like ‘Day of the Voter’ etc. Vote is must. We should exercise our vote. So I cannot expect more than this. And you all are in this. Let me tell you that media has played a very positive role MashaAllah. Iftikhar Sb has been doing program in evening every day. Kamran Sb has been doing it. And the other channels have also done but this channel has gone two steps ahead and worked more on this. Ifitkhar Sb has been doing program for many days urging people to vote. He used to say in the end to vote again and again. I think these are very good signs. People are conscious of it. Media is conscious of it. The results will be good InshaAllah.

  1. Jang/GEO group of received special favours by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to acquire rights for the cricket series against Sri Lanka through its Chairman Mr. Najam Sethi who also hosts a programme on the Network. Khan said this was done as a favour for rigging the elections!

GEO/Jang Group have already in writing told Imran Khan that the whole process was conducted in open and transparent manner and was witnessed by both bidders (GEO Super and Ten Sports) and a bid committee comprised of Ehsan Mani as chairman legal department of PCB, retired judge, member of BOG, COO, CFO of PCB and independent international auditors (Ernst & Young). In fact Ehsan Mani, who is the chairman of audit committee of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre and a member of its Board of Governors, rejected Khan’s claims that Geo Super was awarded with the series rights due to the involvement of Najam Sethi.

While talking exclusively to Geo News, he said that “Geo Super had offered the highest bid for the Sri Lanka series and that Najam Sethi had nothing to do with selling the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) cricketing rights”. He said that “Ten Sports and Geo Super won the cricketing rights on the basis of merit and the bids they made. The process of acquiring the series rights followed a though procedure and no undue favour was granted to any party.” Ehsan Mani further said that “the bids were overseen by the independent observers and there was no fiddling during the process”. He said that “he was shocked to know about Imran Khan’s allegations against Najam Sethi.”

Ten Sports is a 100 percent Indian owned company and yet no one raised an eyebrow against them or wrote articles one after the other. Due to interim appointments, the Supreme Court, at that time, did not allow the PCB to enter into any long-term sale of rights that is why the bidding for the matches was for two series only and not 5 years. Also Khan has alluded that we had rigged the elections and in return we got one 14 day match rights? GEO and Jang Group have lost over 600 crores for supporting the lawyers movement fighting a military dictator. Jang Group had also been shut down by Nawaz Sharif in 1998-99 and was boycotted by PPP as well in previous government who had banned all advertising to the largest media group. If GEO didn’t sell out then why would it do now, and that too for Pakistan vs. Sir Lanka Cricket Series rights?

As for the allegation as to why PTV did not bid for PCB rights, this allegation insinuates that GEO forced PTV not to bid and therefore bought PCB rights for cheaper price. Again this is ludicrous. The main competition in rights is mostly international channels and in this case was Ten Sports which participated in the bid and won Pakistan vs. South Africa series rights. One of the reasons why competition is between international channels and GEO Super is because PTV has terrestrial rights and no other channel in Pakistan or outside it has access to terrestrial reach and thus any channel that gets the rights will end up making a deal with PTV. So it can be argued that it was in PTV’s interest to sit back and let two channels compete and then come to PTV which has a monopoly on terrestrial reach and monetizing ability. Regarding PTV bidding there were discussions between PTV and GEO as well as PTV and Ten Sports but no MOU or deal could be reached.

  1. Zara Sochiye of Geo had received sponsorship of 20 million pounds, and Aman Ki Asha was sponsored by Indians through Doordarshan and that this was in the Supreme Court Media Commission report!

We would like to clarify that the original approved minority funding for Zara Sochiye from DFID was GBP 6.9 million, however, final disbursement under the grant was GBP 5.069 million which was provided by remittance through proper banking channels and registered as grant with the State Bank of Pakistan. Since Mr Khan doesn’t trust us, he can seek independent verification of this fact directly from DFID and House of Lords.

The minority funding by Department for International Development, UK (DFID, UK) was declared to government authorities including tax authorities. The same was declared on the Zara Sochieye Website from day one (Please refer to http://www.zs.org.pk/faqs.asp). DFID consulted Government of Pakistan at the time and also met with PTV, DAWN, EXPRESS and ARY before committing the project to MKRF. MKRF based on discounts and advocacy commitments advertised on PTV, Radio Pakistan, ISRP Radio Channels, 4 regional satellite channels besides GEO and Jang Group. GEO and Jang Group gave the largest discount and editorial support. Senior most management of Jang Group as a courtesy asked the senior most representative of military establishment if there were any objections before taking on the project. The fund usage was audited by independent Chartered Accountant firms KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

Mr Khan should also consult Mr Asad Umar (Vice President PTI), who was an active member of Board of Advisors for this campaign, and whose support and contribution to Zara Sochiye campaign we extensively appreciate. We respect Mr Umar as a professional, and we are confident that he will vouch that ZS campaign was pure-heartedly about education reforms, and had nothing to do with allegations being leveled by Mr Khan.

We would also like to state following further facts about Zara Sochiye campaign that Mr Khan and others may appreciate:

  • MKRF delivered approx. 90,000 minutes of advertising inventory on GEO TV Network, across Pakistan and international beams, valuing at PKR 180 crore, for which GEO was only paid PKR 32.6 crore, thus at a whopping discount of 82%. Average discount on GEO TV Network is about 35%, hence, if GEO had sold this inventory commercially, GEO could have benefited by approx additional PKR 85 crore. Media buying agencies and advertising community in Pakistan (including close associates of Mr Khan who have been in this business) very well know and can vouch that inventory on GEO TV Network is generally sold out and we regularly drop commercial business on daily basis, hence, this inventory could otherwise easily have been sold on better terms, if our objective indeed was just to earn profits.
  • In addition, thousands of minutes of content spanning news stories, editorial, discussion programs, Great Debates, etc. were produced and broadcasted by MKRF and GEO, for which no amount were charged.
  • PTV Network was also given the ZS advertising to the tune of PKR 22.9 crore, but PTV only extended 30% discount, despite MKRF’s repeated requests to them to extend better discounts, including to then Managing Director PTV, as ZS campaign was the voice for education reforms in Pakistan, our beloved Country, where 3 crore children don't go to school and where allocation of budget for education sector is amongst the lowest in the world.
  • In addition, other regional language TV channels and radio networks, including a radio network with association of ISPR, were given ZS advertising, to the tune of PKR 6.2 crore
  • MKRF would also like to clarify that selection of media to carry ZS advertising was in consensus with DFID, and were carried out with the objective of extending the reach of campaign, rather than pleasing any person or media group.
  • MKRF would also, once again, like to clarify, that ZS campaign funds were audited by KPMG and reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers for processes, with clean reports from both.

MKRF, Jang and GEO would once again strongly asserts that Mr Khan or anyone else has no rights or justification to judge our patriotism. We are as patriotic as any other citizen of Pakistan, civilian or military.

We would also like to clarify that MKRF or GEO has done nothing that is illegal, and there is nothing wrong in seeking grants from donor agencies for projects and interests that promotes interests of masses of Pakistan.

We would like to strongly underline that Jang and GEO have never sold editorial content, and we never will. Anyone alleging this is making a false statement, and we will take all such persons to court to prove their allegations, or otherwise, face the lawful punishment prescribed in law for such acts of perjury.

We once again challenge Mr Khan, using any resources he wants including the resources within GEO he would like to utilize at his disposal, to prove, that GEO had altered its content or editorial policies against the interests of Pakistan, because of any grant we received or any commercial considerations we had, from anyone.

We sincerely hope that this clarification will refrain Mr Khan and others from leveling baseless allegations against MKRF, Jang and GEO, so that true synergies between institutes can be found in Pakistan and our combined energies are dedicated to the progress and development of Pakistan and its people, by addressing the real issues and finding practical and pragmatic solutions, instead of merry-go round of allegations and clarifications.

Yes this was in the Media Commission report but was not part of the main report but as part of minutes of PEMRA, which GEO had been suing because of its partiality. In fact Supreme Court had asked the government to confirm these allegations and after receiving a response asked the Chairman PEMRA to prove these allegations after which chairman PEMRA denied the charges and also apologized in writing. It is interesting to note that all these allegations have also been raised in the past and categorically denied with evidence and a clarification. Aman Ki Asha has been praised by Imran Khan in the Parliament. Regarding Indian funding, why would RAW want Pakistan to want peace with India? Jang Group would also like to put on record that Aman Ki Asha and Zara Sochiye (education effort) was started after consultation and feedback of senior most members of the Armed Forces. Aman Ki Asha is an independent project conceived by Jang Group to promote peace with India while respecting our core interests.

Zara Sochieye education campaign has been declared openly and its sources of funding (majority of which is funded by Jang Group related companies) have also been shared and its accounts audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers. The campaign to promote education reform was appreciated by all political parties and education related NGOs including scores of PTI representatives. All editorial control and project conception was done by MKRF, local NGO affiliated with founder of Jang Group. Zara Sochieye campaign was aired on PTV, and four regional channels and 4 radio stations apart from GEO channels.

Imran Khan seems to be alluding to foreign funding as an evil. One can ask him if PTI government itself in KP accepts 100s of millions of dollars’ worth of aid from US and UK governments. See Link: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-9-219444-Tell-us-the-whole-truth Recent polio campaign was also funded from international sources and PTI itself is funded in part by US, UK, Indian citizens. Most of these funds are used for good purposes and have done a lot of social good. Imran Khan also in previous interview suggested GEO has taken foreign funding and in return maybe doing campaigning against peace negotiations with the Taliban and Government of Pakistan. Imran Khan should note that GEO has done several transmission called Aman Kay Liye Kardalo where Jang Group and GEO have openly been supporting negotiation to operation as a policy.


Supreme Court Media Commission member, former federal information minister and senator “At no point whatsoever does the commission allege that the Jang/Geo Group has secretly received funds from overseas or Indian sources. Nor does it record a suspicion that this group or any other group is anti-Pakistan or disloyal to the country. From long interaction with both its owners and its team for about 45 years, one is convinced that they are as committed to the security and well-being of our country as anyone else, civil or military.” http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-2-250009-About-the-Geo-ISI-episode

  1. Geo/Jang Group aired Voice of America from a US fund for supporting democracy to further US agenda in Pakistan!

Imran Khan also alleged that the group aired Voice of America from a fund for supporting democracy. GEO did air Voice of America’s program, under a contract, from 2006 to 2010. GEO had already shared the details of arrangement with PEMRA and also have also presented the details in Sindh High Court in a case GEO had filed against PEMRA.

Before broadcast of VOA’s content, GEO always aired a disclaimer, clearly identifying for GEO’s viewers the origin of the content and our editorial responsibility.

As per contract with VOA, GEO also had the right not to broadcast VOA’s program, if we ever felt that the content was against the laws of Pakistan. Before allowing broadcast of VOA’s program on GEO, VOA’s program was always previewed for any sensitive content, by a member of editorial team at GEO.

GEO had also taken senior most military leadership, including General Musharraf and the then DG ISI General Pasha, in confidence, on continuing to broadcast VOA’s program, and they had raised no objections.

Other than GEO, many other media groups in Pakistan, including Express and AAJ and PTV also broadcasted VOA’s program or have collaborated with VOA. Why have Mr Khan, once again either conveniently or perhaps conspiratorially, never mentioned any other media Group’s name, who are still continuing their association with VOA and BBC, while GEO had last aired VOA’s program in 2010.

Also for record’s sake, we would like to clarify that profitability for GEO, from VOA’s program broadcast, was less than what GEO could have easily earned through a news bulletin.

It should be noted that GEO has aired (Fahrenheit 9/11, bush’s Brain, Loose Change, Cartoons about Bush, Obama, and frequently makes fun of American presidents and leadership in Hum Sub Umeed Se Hein. At the same time it has also educated viewers about the strengths of the US democratic traditions by covering the US elections, dubbing in Urdu the presidential debates and confirmation hearings. This is in line with our policy of learning from best practices.

Geo has been critical of the drone attacks, questioned US policies in Iraq and Afghanistan and exposed excesses like those taking place in Guantanamo and Abu Gharaib. In Khuda Ke Liye, released by GEO Films, American torture techniques and atrocities were openly shown and debated in a dramatic fashion. Late Ambassador Holbrooke, who was known for his abrasive side, in his stiff unemotional tone scolded the GEO reporter once on his trip to Pakistan. After telling the reporters how much USA is doing for Pakistan, Holbrooke looked towards GEO reporter and said:

“US has given half of the support pledged by (the world). Please make sure that GEO reports that! GEO has reported a lot of anti-US stuff. Now you should tell the truth to the people of Pakistan that US is on your side”.

In Wikileaks it was revealed that US Embassy has written a cable to Washington saying GEO is working against the interests of the USA. It complained that Hamid Mir had done a programme exposing that Blackwater was in Islamabad among other things. See Link: http://wikileaks.ch/cable/2008/11/08ISLAMABAD3712.html

We would like to ask Imran Khan why he doesn’t ask owners of a channel that airs in India, which earns a lot of money. It is pertinent to mention that when no Pakistani TV channel is allowed to be aired in India, then how come that particular group manages to run its transmissions there. The particular TV channel and its anchorperson also tried to label us traitors by terming a genuine investigative story on Ajmal Kasab as propaganda. We stand by our story and believe that the truth, no matter how bitter, is more patriotic than a lie, no matter how sweet.

Another competitor who was in smoking business makes most of its money from business partnerships, which are with American and Indian companies. Similarly they have an agreement with an American media outlet, whereby they provide a foreign newspaper, which is owned by Jews, with their own local newspaper. Will Khan ask why Shireen Mazari will never ask them any questions? Will she tell Khan that three mainstream news channels bureaus in Washington DC are paid by US State Department funds and GEO News is the only one that funds its own bureau in Washington DC, NY and London. We would like to clarify here that we are not against any such business partnerships as long as they are legal and transparent but are mentioning this only to underline double standards. We request our viewers and readers to ask why is that you will not see a single conspiracy theory about these other media groups in social media but only bashing of one media group? What has GEO and Jang Group been doing that it gets punished for? Zara Sochieye.

Lastly and sadly we had approached Imran Khan through Asad Umar and Jehangir Tareen in writing to please arrange a meeting with Imran Khan. After this couldn’t be done and Khan was still attacking GEO we gave the following offer on 20th February 2014:

“Kindly please form a committee that will investigate the accusations against us, please give it a 30 days deadline, and let the committee review all the contents and they can ask us any questions or hear our point of view as well and then if it feels we are guiltily we will give you an hour of our prime in which PTI can make its findings shard with our audiences.

Our request would be that that committee contains only neutral people and not people have a known biased against us.You need to know that these allegations are serious and personal for us.”

But instead of confronting us with questions and evidence Shireen Mazari has convinced Imran Khan to attack us through press conferences and certain sections of the media with competing interests.

  1. Jang Group is blackmailing Imran Khan!

There is allegation by Imran Khan that Jang Group is trying to blackmail Imran Khan. We are not sure what he is talking about but he has claimed that there is some fake and malicious scandal that Jang Group is behind. After doing some research we have come to know that Imran Khan Sb is talking about the following tweet by Umar Cheema, who is a team member of The News, which is sister publication of Jang Group. Umar Cheema has a history of independent tweeting in fact against the Group several times. Also please note the tweet he has written:

Umar Cheema Tweeted on 29th April:
pregnancy of 21 year old causing sleepiness rights to a leader. his political future in her hands. the most powerful lady at the moment .

Please note no name was mentioned of Imran khan or PTI was taken.

Also this tweet wasn't the first one in on this topic.

On 26th march Murtaza Solangi affiliated with the PPP tweeted:

Murtaza Solangi @murtazasolangi tweeted on March 26:
Islamabad is rife with an explosive rumour about a top politician becoming father again, out of wedlock.


  1. Jang Group and Geo Network are responsible for coining the name Taliban Khan for Imran Khan!

Imran Khan also has made allegation that Jang Group and Geo Network are responsible for calling Imran Khan Taliban Khan. This again is not true. The only program that has used this as reference is Najam Sehti, and that too in 2013 and Najam said that people are calling him this. And Najam wasn’t the first one to have said this on TV. Following is a list when it first appeared on TV.

  1. Anusha Rahman PML-N Saying Taliban Khan Imran Khan media talk in front of national Assembly of Pakistan dated 18-12-2012.
  2. Najam Sethi in AKB 04-02-2013 saying Imran Khan Taliban Khan
  3. Shaukat Basra called Imran Khan TALIBAN KHAN - News Beat SAMA Program dated 30-12-201
  4. Rana Sanaullah(Law Minister of Punjab ) Imran Khan allegations on GEO and Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry - Taliban Khan - Dhandhli Khan - FAISALABAD - 05-05-2014

Plus the first time it appeared on social media was even before that.

The term “Taliban Khan” was earliest used on Internet for Imran Khan was found via Google on 19 October, 2008 by the website lubpak.com (formerly known as CriticalPPP.com – website maintained by critical supporters of PPP). This website has also written a large number of blogs and articles against Geo/Jang Group.

Let us build Pakistan:


  1. Jang Group and Geo Network has taken funds to promote War on Terror and is anti-peace talks with Taliban!

Regarding the allegation that Jang Group is anti-peace talks, the facts need to be put straight before Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chief. Jang Group, right after the All Parties’ Conference on terrorism, ran campaigns for the success of peace talks. The promos were run on Geo TV under the banner of “Aman k liye ker dalo” (do it for peace). We have in fact done more special transmission for peace on the western border under the banner of Aman Ke Lieye Kardalo, Jeenay do Peshawar Ko, than we have for Aman Ki Asha. In these transmissions we invited political representatives from all parties and in fact first time political consensus was established between all major parties regarding dialogue and peace process with the Taliban. Its results were also published in a half page ad in group publications the next day.

  1. Special Transmission of Aman Ke Liye Kar Dalo
    Special Transmission On Geo News (( 6th... by zingatv1

  2. Link of Promo of Aman ke Liye Kar Dalo

  3. Press Ads of Aman ke Liye Kar Dalo
  4. In January this year, senior members of Jang Group met the Prime Minister and assured him of support of the group to bring peace in Pakistan through dialogue. The senior management of Jang Group also met two top religious scholars including Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani. One of the two religious scholars who has great influence among Taliban requested not to be named. These religious scholars were approached to convey message to the Taliban regarding seriousness of the peace talks. Senior members of Jang Group also met the Director General Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) General Asim Bajwa to assure Pakistan Army of the support from Jang Group in bringing peace to the country. These meetings were part of the policy of the Jang Group to support dialogue with the militants which was reflected in the news and editorial content of the group but for the reasons best known to Imran Khan, he wants to remain oblivious to these facts.

    In February this year, a meeting of top editorial management of Jang Group was held in Dubai and after detailed discussion it agreed with consensus that the group shall continue to support the peace process. Jang Group’s newspapers contained editorials in which the support for dialogue process was expressed loud and clear but Imran only wants to adhere to what an independent analyst Najam Sethi opines which is never the editorial policy of the Jang Group. Importantly, Jang Group has the most vocal and influential journalists who have been supporting the peace talks which invited the wrath of rival media groups as well. The likes of Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Saleem Safi, Irfan Siddiqui and Rahimullah Yousafzai are a few to be named here.

    Taliban's Ulema Committee Coordinator, Maulana Yousuf Shah and committee member Professor Muhammad Ibrahim as well as Government’s Muzakarat Committee members Irfan Siddiqui and Rahimullah Yousafzai have commended GEO and Jang Group for playing the most positive role in promoting peace talks. Sir, we have actually aired more campaigns, transmissions and programs for peace talks with Taliban/Afghanistan than Aman Ki Asha in last 2 years. No other media group has taken such an open stand on peace talks.

    Our columnists and anchors have also been loudly supporting the peace process not only on Geo and in their columns in Jang/The News but also on other television channels as well.

    Please read the following columns published in our newspapers:

    You also told millions of our viewers and your voters that Jang Group and Geo Television Network get funding from VOA/British government topromote war on terror.

    We want to tell you that all Foreign Funded Direct or Indirect/MKRF/VOA/DFID projects make up half a per cent (0.52%) of the Group's revenue. Since the foundation of GEO, in 2002, till now, the entire Group’s revenue can be audited by any international reputable auditor of your choice to verify this. All funds were taken as per law; all projects editorial control/censor was with us. Zara Sochieye Education campaign included your senior PTI member as Board Advisor and before launching the project we had informed the senior most people in the Armed Forces and the Government to make sure there is no objection. The same no-objection was soughtfrom senior most Armed Forces representatives regarding VOA, which incidentally was also aired by Express, Dunya, AAJ TV and PTV.  For all these projects taxes were paid, and all rules and laws were followed. 

    Importantly, Jang Group has the most vocal and influential journalists who have been supporting the peace talks which invited the wrath of rival media groups as well. The likes of Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Saleem Safi, Irfan Siddiqui and Rahimullah Yousafzai are a few to be named here. Irfan Siddiqui and Rahimullah Yousafzai were also members of the peace committee announced by the Prime Minister. They can be asked how supportive the Jang Group is towards the peace process. We have also openly done campaigns for the peace process. No other media group has taken such an open stand on peace talks. Our columnists and anchors have also been loudly supporting the peace process not only on Geo and in their columns in Jang/The News but also on other television channels as well.

  1. GEO had PEMRA Chairman fired because it did not issue GEO the 5th license. Why GEO was issued a 5th license when all other Media Houses have been issued a maximum of 4!

Whenever an application is submitted to any government officer or to a regulator, it is decided on the basis of the PREVAILING laws.

If the decision of such governmentofficer or regulator is challenged in court, the courts always conduct judicial review of the challenged decision on the basis of law prevailing on the daywhen the government official or the regulator took the said decision.

The upper limit of 4 licenses that can be held by one media group was imposed for the first time in Pakistan through PEMRA Rules 2009. Until 2009, the prevailing Rules were those of 2002, which did not place any upper limit on the broadcasting licenses that can be held by one media group.

In 2007, Jang/Geo Group, while already holding 4 licenses submitted applications for several new licenses including that of Geo Super. All the applications of Jang Group were declined. The application for Geo Super license was declined for the reason that Ministry of Interior had refused security clearance. Jang Group challenged refusal of PEMRA before Honourable Sindh High Court.

It was therefore, far before promulgation of PEMRA Rules 2009 (in which the upper limit of 4 licenses was imposed for the first time) that Jang Group had submitted an application for Geo Super, PEMRA had declined it and Jang Group had challenged that decision in Sindh High Court.

It was thus that when Divisional Bench of Honourable Sindh High Court heard petition for Geo Super license, the Honourable Court refused to retrospectively apply PEMRA Rules 2009 and judicially reviewed and set aside PEMRA’s refusal on the basis of PEMRA Rules 2002, as these were the rules that were prevailing laws.

When giving relief, Honourable Sindh High Court once again referred Geo Super’s application to PEMRA to be decided on the basis of Rules 2002. It was thus that Jang Group filed an appeal in Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan to challenge the Honourable Sindh HighCourt’s judgment only to the extent of referring Geo Super’s application once again to PEMRA.

In the Honourable Supreme Court, Jang Group’s appeal was heard by three members bench headed by Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan. The Honourable Bench commented that the Honourable Sindh High Court, which had set aside PEMRA’s refusal on the ground of security clearance, had already decided the matter. The Honourable Bench asked Chairman PEMRA and PEMRA’s counsel whether PEMRA, under PEMRA Ordinance 2002, is required to take decision on every application within 100 days, the answer was yes. Then the Honourable Bench proceeded to ask that upon receipt of application for Geo Super license, after processing the application for oneyear, PEMRA came up with only one ground for refusal and when that ground had now been set aside by Honourable Sindh High Court, on what ground can PEMRAdelay or avoid issuing Geo Super’s l

Please see: www.pemra.gov.pk

There could be another potential reason Chairman Chaudhry Rashid was fired.

Below is the letter that Chaudhry Rashid wrote to Sultan Lakhani, owner of Express Media Group saying he gave him death threat because he was not allowing Sultan Lakhani cable licenses. But since then we have heard people have made amends.

  1. Geo committed Blasphemy in its Morning Show hosted by Dr. Shaista Lodhi!

Mubashir Luqman alleged that geo committed Blasphemy in its Morning Show hosted by Dr. Shaista Lodhi.

On Wednesday, 14th May 2014, Uttho Jaggo Pakistan morning show of Geo Entertainment aired a qawwali during a shadi segment celebrating a newly wed couple. The choice of the qawwali and the way it aired was highly inappropriate and unacceptable, hurting the feelings of our viewers and the believers. Dr Shahista Lodhi personally came on air throughout the day the following day and publicly apologized to viewers and to Allah.

Prominent anchor Dr Aamir Liaquat and Vice president of Geo Network has also apologized on behalf of the Geo Network. Both the apology aired throughout the day on GEO News.

The management had stopped the repeat of the said program the same day and the senior program content and production team has also been suspended for an indefinite period and an internal inquiry has been initiated. The names of the suspended personal are not being mentioned due to security threats.

Allama Razi Jaffar, Mulana Kokab Noorani and Mufti Naeem amongst other ulema gave their views on GEO NEWS criticizing the morning show program for hurting the sentiments of Muslims across Pakistan. However they also pointed out that in such sensitive cases no further action is required if the concerned people have publicly apologized and begged for forgiveness to Almighty Allah. The same sentiments were expressed by Allama Nasir Abbas Taqvi, Allama Shabir Maismi and Allama Tahir Ashrafi.

Ulema Appreciates immediate Apology-17 May 2014 by GeoNews

Ulema on Geo apology over Morning Show-16 May 2014 by GeoNews

Dr Aamir pointed out Mubashir Luqman's channel ARY itself has aired the same very Qawwali in the same manner and the internet has evidence of at least four separate occasions videos available.

Same Qawwali on a morning show wedding on ARY Digital

ARY ki Aik Aur Gustakhana Video by UNewsTv

Same Qawwali aired again on a morning show wedding on ARY Digital
ARY Ne Bhi Hazrat Ali Aur Hazrat Fatema Ki Shan... by UNewsTv

Same Qawwali on a morning show wedding on ARY
Ary Morning show Blasphemy Act even Before Geo... by sanambalochfan1

Same Qawwali by Samaa in Morning Show
SAMAA TV - Ali kay saath hai zahra ki shadi by muqadasv

Dr. Aamir requested those people to also apologize and never repeat such a mistake and learn from GEO. Dr Aamir requested other channels not to repeat the video as that is not only in bad taste but also hurting the sentiments of the believers even more as it's not by mistake but on purpose. In fact these channels have also failed to show the apology that was aired. Some people are continuously airing the said objectionable video and encouraging people to become violent against the host of the program and the channel. This is not Islamic.

Details of some channels who repeatedly showed the controversial video in first 48 hours of the incident:

Details of some channels who repeatedly showed the controversial video in first 48 hours of the incident:

ARY News Showing Clip 62 times
ARY News Clip duration 63 mins 15 secs
ABTAK Aired Clip 15 times
ABTAK Total Clip Duration 26 mins 10 secs
Dunya Aired Clip 02 times
Dunya Total Clip Duration 02 mins 40 secs
Express Aired Clip 02 times
Express Total Clip Duration 42 secs