5 quirky moments from today's NA session

August 17, 2018

The highly-anticipated national assembly session had a few interesting moments which will always remain in nation’s history arguably for a long period of time

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ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly elected Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson Imran Khan as the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan amid a strong protest by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz lawmakers on Friday.

The highly-anticipated national assembly session had a few interesting moments which will always remain in nation’s memory arguably for a long period of time.

1) Bilawal- Shehbaz ‘awkward’ handshake

The PPP chairman and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader had a visibly cold handshake before the start of the session. The PML-N President in due courtesy went to the PPP lawmakers for a handshake, all was going well, until Shehbaz came across Bilawal. Both the party leaders had a handshake without an eye contact.

2) Shehbaz-Imran handshake, which left many curious

Soon after having a brief and cold encounter with Bilawal. Shehbaz and Prime Minister-elect Imran had their brief interaction. The prime minister-elect stood from his seat and greeted the rival party leader.

The interesting bit here is that during the handshake Imran had a word with Shehbaz with a stern face which left many curious what was said and heard between them. Both the leaders have not yet disclosed.

3) Prime Minister-Elect and his fondness for containers

The prime minister-elect took no stones unturned to take his traditional jibes at the opposition members. During his address in the National Assembly, Imran expressed his government’s cooperation with the opposition over re-counting on desired constituencies but also threw a sarcastic remark that ‘He won’t be blackmailed. We will cooperate with the opposition if they want to go for a sit-in. In fact we will help them in getting a container.

4) Bilawal trolls Shehbaz in his maiden speech

Shehbaz exceeded the time limit set by the National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar for each scheduled member’s speech for the session. Shehbaz chose to repeatedly ignore calls by the speaker to conclude his speech. Qaisar ultimately called Bilawal to take the floor. But Shehbaz continued with his passionate charge.

And then the ‘trolling’ moment happened.

“Shehbaz Sahab, Aaap ka time khatam hogaya hai (Mr Shehbaz, your time is over),” Bilawal said in a funny tone.

5) A masterstroke which PM-elect didn’t understand

It won’t be wrong to say that it was Bilawal’s day. The young man outwitted Shehbaz with a one-liner and then in a very calculated and crafted speech after offering bouquets and brickbats to the PTI chief on becoming Leader of the House through a controversial election called Imran, ‘PM-select ’.

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