Perrie Edwards recalls 'sounding like a frog' after tonsils became like 'balloons'

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January 23, 2021

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Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards recalled the time she "sounded like a frog" because of her inflamed tonsils.

Speaking on Apple Music 1, the singer revealed that it was after her X-Factor days when she was taken into surgery to remove her tonsils.

Apparently they were so swollen that Perrie would "cringe" every time she heard recordings of the group’s first album DNA as her medical condition deteriorated her voice.

"On X Factor we had no sleep and my tonsils were the size of balloons," she said.

“I went to see a specialist and he said, ‘I’ve done this job for 30 years and I’ve never seen tonsils like this. I don’t know how you can breathe.’"

"They took them out and then my voice completely changed for the better. I was like Kermit the Frog," she said.

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