'Disappointed fan' Sarim Akhtar featured in Hong Kong's meme museum

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August 01, 2021

Sarim Akhtar takes to Twitter to share the hilarious moment when his viral pose got featured in a meme museum

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Famed Pakistani meme Muhammad Sarim Akhtar has joined the ranks of other famous memes as he is now featured in Hong Kong’s Museum of Memes.

In a post on Twitter, Sarim, known as Disappointed Fan, shared a clip from the museum which features his classic disappointed pose.

"I got featured in Hong Kong museum of memes. Yohooo," Sarim said in the caption of his post.

"Disappointed Fan. The photo features a disappointed cricket fan, Muhammad Sarim Akhtar," read the plate installed at the museum.

Akhtar's disappointed frown when cricketer Asif Ali dropped David Warner's catch off a Wahab Riaz bowl, during the ICC World Cup against Australia in 2019, went viral on social media.

Take a look:

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