Meghan Markle’s court case sets ‘dangerous precedent’: report

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December 03, 2021

Royal experts fear the ‘dangerous precedent’ Meghan Markle’s court case is setting

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Meghan Markle’s court case sets ‘dangerous precedent’: report

Royal experts erupt into total fear of the ‘dangerous precedent’ being set internationally by Meghan Markle’s court case win.

Media lawyer Matthew Dando made this claim during his interview with Express royal editor Richard Palmer.

There he was quoted saying, “This is a troubling judgement which has very concerning consequences for freedom of expression.”

“By preventing key evidence being heard regarding the preparation of the Duchess’ letter and its intended audience, the Court of Appeal has presumptively elevated the Duchess’ privacy rights over matters of public interest and freedom of expression.”

“This decision heightens concerns that privacy laws permit public figures selectively to determine what can be reported about them and manipulate the media narrative.”

“It also sets a dangerous precedent that anyone arguing against that status quo may not even be entitled properly to test the claimant’s evidence in court.”

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