Watch: Female PTI supporter repeatedly hurls abuses at policeman in Islamabad

May 25, 2022

Despite being repeatedly harassed by the woman, policeman keeps walking silently and did not say anything in return

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As the political tensions rise in the country, a video of a PTI supporter went viral on social media in which she could be seen hurling abuses at a policeman in Islamabad street.

The video shows a woman shouting and hurling profanities at a policeman in the middle of the road, however, he kept walking silently and chose not to respond.

If that was not enough when a woman tried chiding her, asking her to stop using abusive language, the woman also misbehaved with her.

The video went viral on social media and people started praising the policeman for his patience.

Former premier Imran Khan and his caravan marched towards Islamabad for the "Azadi March" despite the government's instructions not to. Multiple scuffles took place between the marchers and the police in the federal capital.

— Thumbnail image: Screengrab/Geo News

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