Why Britney Spears is ‘taking time’ with Elton John collaborating?

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August 17, 2022

The real reason Britney Spears and Elton John have decided to ‘take their time’ with their collaboration

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Why Britney Spears is ‘taking time’ with Elton John collaborating?

Sources have shed light on Britney Spears’ and Elton John’s upcoming collaboration and why they are “taking their time” with the release.

A HollywoodLife source made this shocking revelation during their interview.

They started off by admitting “There is a ton riding on it,” so “she wants this to hit it out of the park and everyone that heard the song says it’s amazing so the hope is that she’ll sign off on it ASAP.”

A separate source also weighed in and admitted, “Britney has had a lot of creative control in the making of this song and that is something that she’s really enjoyed.”

“When she was under her conservatorship, she really didn’t get this because she was not allowed to make decisions for herself. Doing this song with Elton has given her confidence again in her ability to sing and create music.”

“It did take many different versions to create the one that will be the final product, but every song does really.”

“She is just stoked that she’s been able to have her say in each draft of it. She is nervous about its release, but she truly feels this is one of the best songs she has ever recorded, as does her people.”

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