Prince Harry, Meghan have 'photographer living with them' for 'dramatic' series

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December 03, 2022

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle privacy cries thrashed by royal expert

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are mocked for conveniently faking real life moments for the camera.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who dropped the teaser of their Netflix docuseries this week, are thrashed for ditching their 'privacy' cries for the camera.

Editor of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward, tells the Mirror: "What Harry and Meghan want is freedom not privacy. What else did we expect?

"In the teaser for the Netflix six-part series we see the Sussexes at their most vulnerable and beautiful.

"Meghan is shown looking glorious – dressed down in something diaphanous or wrapped around Harry as she was in their engagement pictures.

"How can anyone look that wonderful when they are posing in a kitchen as if they didn’t have a care in the world? Harry still in his royal marine dress uniform having been to the concert of remembrance at the Albert Hall.

"It seems as if they have a photographer living with them and their life is a series of carefully posed episodes.

"This dramatic black and white pictorial beauty is at odds to the darker message Harry is at pains to portray. He is going to tell us about how he was the lucky one.

Ms Seward continued: "He escaped the drudgeries of being royal and being told what to do and what to say. It was all so dreadful and painful being a prince and having such a privileged lifestyle.

"The timing is perfect. Just as his brother the Prince of Wales is due to launch his Earthshot Prize in Boston, which is his pride and joy, Harry beats him to it by releasing something provocative that everyone wants to have a peek at," she noted.

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