Marlon Wayans lashes out at United Airlines after being removed from flight

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June 10, 2023

Marlon Wayans says United Airlines agent disrespected him over his luggage

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Marlon Wayans says United Airlines agent disrespected him over his luggage

Comedian Marlon Wayans expressed his disappointment at missing his Kansas City performances in a series of recent social media posts, citing a degrading encounter with United Airlines as the reason.

Wayans explained the incident in his post, stating, "He asked me to consolidate my bags, and I complied. Then, said now I have to check the bag because now since I consolidated it into one bag it was too big."

"At that point, I said, 'See, now you’re just f------ with me.' So I grabbed my ticket off the counter got on the plane. This was harassment, and I will make enough noise to be sure all my friends and family and peoples stop flying united this will be a corporate matter."

"I won’t allow this. Over a bag? Y’all owe me money for my shows I missed, y’all owe me for my troubles, y’all owe my fans a damn apology. This was the highest level of disrespect. And should’ve been avoided. Next call is to my lawyers. And yes I am gonna DM THE BOSS!!!"

TMZ reported that as a result of the incident at the gate, the Denver Police Department cited the White Chicks star for disturbing the peace.

However, the comedian denies causing any disturbance, stating, "Dude tried to lie and say I assaulted him," wrote Wayans. "The video clearly shows I never touched him. He was desperate to try to have some authority. I’ve flown over 15,000,000 miles in my lifetime, and I rarely have had problems. Anyone knows who knows me knows I’m a mild mannered dude."

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