Pervez Khattak censures Imran Khan for confrontational politics

Pervez Khattak accuses PTI chief of being a "skilled and confident liar", with people often mistaking his falsehoods for truth

Sunday, October 01, 2023
PTIP leader Mahmood Khan (left) and founder Pervez Khattak attend a political gathering in KP. — Twitter/official_ptip

KOHAT: Leaders of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-Parliamentarians (PTIP), including former Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chief ministers Pervez Khattak and Mahmood Khan, expressed concerns about the political approach adopted by their former boss Imran Khan, suggesting it had caused immense harm to the nation.

Addressing a public gathering held at the Kohat Sports Complex, the two leaders contended that the PTIP has garnered popular support due to the commendable performance of its leaders.

Khattak emphasised that the nation had endured decades of plundering, resulting in a severe economic crisis, accusing the PTI chief of being a skilled and confident liar, with people often mistaking his falsehoods for truth.

The former PTI leader further criticised the ex-prime minister's slogans of "new Pakistan" and "change", considering them devoid of substance. Khattak said Khan would listen to their input casually but failed to take their recommendations seriously.

The ex-CM said he had approved the western route of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project to develop the province and create employment opportunities.

“We were about to introduce food card and education card to facilitate the people but Imran Khan sent packing our government eight months before the constitutional term in KP because of his ego,” said Mahmood, adding that they did not want a confrontation with the state institutions.

Both Khattak and Khan, who served as KP chief ministers during the PTI government's tenure, quit the party following a massive exodus of leaders in the wake ofMay 9 mayhem —the day PTI workers wreaked havoc on the country and attacked army installations.

Days after his departure, Khattak later formed a new party, while Mahmood and ex-lawmakers Shaukat Ali and Syed Muhammad Ishtiaq Urmar were among the 57 ex-assembly members who joined him.