Sony’s PS5 Access Controller for disabled gamers now up for grabs — Go get it!

Sony's PS5 Access Controller offers a "highly customisable kit" comprising various buttons, triggers, and sticks

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Wednesday, December 06, 2023
Jeremy Lecerf, also known as Mr Gyzmo, tries out the new PlayStation Access controller at a demonstration event in London on October 5, 2023.—AFP

Sony's eagerly awaited Access Controller, a groundbreaking PlayStation 5 (PS5) controller specifically designed for disabled gamers, is now available in the market, it said Wednesday.

The electronics giant has developed the special controller in close collaboration with the world's top accessibility experts.

The Access Controller offers a "highly customisable kit" comprising various buttons, triggers, and sticks, allowing players to create a personalised setup that suits their individual needs.

This marks Sony's inaugural device of this type, contrasting with Microsoft's Adaptive Controller, available for Xbox and PC since 2018.

Alvin Daniel, Senior Technical Program Manager at Sony Interactive Entertainment, highlighted the goal of providing an all-inclusive kit that users can immediately use as a PlayStation controller without the need for additional accessories.

Sony's strategy to address the unique challenges of each disabled individual involves customisation, enabling users to tailor the solution to their specific requirements. The collaboration with accessibility experts, including AbleGamers in the US, played a crucial role in this endeavour.

The Access Controller's design process involved input from the disabled community, ensuring accessibility in packaging and setup procedures. Users can adapt the controller to their specific needs and create different profiles for various games or scenarios.

While the controller represents a significant step forward for disabled gamers, some design decisions, such as the absence of a standard right stick, present challenges in specific gaming scenarios.

Despite this, the Access Controller signifies progress in gaming accessibility, reflecting the industry's acknowledgement of the importance of inclusive gaming experiences.

Paul Carter, a technology reporter and disabled gamer, shared insights into the positive impact of the Access Controller. While expressing hope for continued evolution and innovation in such products, he emphasised the controller's role in addressing hardware limitations for disabled players in the gaming industry.

The introduction of gaming features catering to diverse needs, coupled with hardware advancements like the Access Controller, reflects a broader effort to make gaming more inclusive and accessible for everyone.