‘Trouble in paradise': Rihanna, A$AP Rocky ‘fighting all the time' amid criminal case

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been dating since 2020 and shares two kids, RZA and Riot Rose, together

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December 30, 2023

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Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s relationship has been going through a hard time as rapper faces 24 years in trial on gun charges.

The couple, stressed out over rapper’s criminal case, have been fighting all the time as RiRi fears she will end up becoming a single mother to their two boys.

Speaking with National Enquirer, an insider said, "They've started fighting all the time because he's just got no patience for anything.”

"His mood is terrible right now,” the inside said of Rocky, adding how his mood has “also caused friction in the bedroom.”

They added, "Before this mess with the trial, they could hardly keep their off each other, but their sex life is nonexistent these days. They're both just too stressed."

Sharing further insight into their troubled relationship, the source noted how Rihanna fears that she “could very well end up a single mother,” adding that the singer is “absolutely terrified."

"Add in what Rocky is going through with this trial, and it's a tinderbox," the source said.

Before concluding, the source said, "Every time they get into a fight, he uses it as an excuse to duck out and hang with friends, while Rihanna's stuck at home on mommy duty.”

"No wonder she's ticked off!" they added.