Immigration Alert: Here are 17 countries where marriage can get you citizenship

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February 28, 2024

US, UK, Netherlands, Uraguay, and many more are providing citizenship for getting married with some terms and conditions

17 countries where 'I do' can get you citizenship.—immigration-residency/file

Embarking on the journey of citizenship through matrimony is a unique and compelling exploration. We delve into 17 countries worldwide where saying 'I do' can pave the way to acquiring citizenship.

The concept of gaining citizenship through marriage has gained prominence globally, offering couples an intriguing pathway to a shared future.

Let's take a closer look at each of these 17 countries and the distinctive routes they provide for couples seeking citizenship.

Uruguay and Dominica

Uruguay, with its stable economy, grants citizenship after three years of marriage to a Uruguayan national. Dominica, a Caribbean gem, extends the opportunity for citizenship through marriage, beckoning individuals to a life of financial incentives and natural beauty after three years of union.

Sweden and Germany

Sweden opens its doors to couples married to Swedish nationals or those in registered partnerships, requiring three years of cohabitation. Germany, a highly developed European nation, offers a short three-year timeframe for spouses of registered same-sex partners of German nationals.

US, UK, Netherlands, Slovenia

The United States, known for its diverse opportunities, requires three years of legal permanent residency and cohabitation for citizenship through marriage. Ireland presents an opportunistic option, enabling citizenship through naturalization after three years of marriage or civil partnership.

The United Kingdom stands out as a fast-track route, allowing citizenship by naturalization for couples residing for at least three years. The Netherlands grants citizenship after three years of marriage or registered partnership, emphasizing cohabitation. Slovenia provides a quicker path through marriage, reducing the usual 10-year naturalization period to just three years.

Chile, Grenada, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina

Chile prioritizes family reunification, granting citizenship after two years of marriage and cohabitation. Grenada, an enchanting Caribbean destination, allows spouses married after February 6, 1974, to become eligible for citizenship after two years.

Bolivia, although not offering many direct citizenship programs, presents marriage as a streamlined option, shortening the typical residency requirement to two years. Peru simplifies the process further, allowing citizenship after two years of marriage. Argentina, with its rich culture and affordability, offers citizenship after two years of marriage, providing numerous benefits.

Spain, Belize, Luxembourg

Spain, a treat for culture lovers, facilitates citizenship after one year of legal marriage, boasting a high quality of life and a moderate living cost. Belize, a tropical haven, offers citizenship after one year of marriage to a Belizean national, combining a great climate with low living costs.

Luxembourg stands out with a unique approach, requiring passing the Living Together in Luxembourg course or test and a Luxembourg language test for citizenship after three years of marriage. Known for providing a high quality of life, Luxembourg offers couples a distinctive route to acquiring citizenship.

As we navigate the intricate pathways of global citizenship through marriage, these 17 countries stand as diverse options, each with its own set of opportunities and advantages for couples embarking on this extraordinary journey together.


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