Marc Guggenheim announces suspense novel 'In Any Lifetime'

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February 29, 2024

Marc Guggenheim novel, 'In Any Lifetime' is set to be released on July 16, 2024

Marc Guggenheim announces suspense novel 'In Any Lifetime'

Marc Guggenheim just utilized his abilities to write stories to share another tale with the world, in his forthcoming novel titled, In Any Lifetime.

According to PEOPLE magazine, the famous screenwriter revealed that his new novel is just around the corner and is to be expected this summer.

Guggenheim explained that his book, In Any Lifetime, would revolve around the theme of suspenseful romance and would be launched by Lake Union Publishing.

"I’ve been working on In Any Lifetime in one way, shape, or form for 10 years now,” Guggenheim told the outlet.

“I’ve explored telling the story in the mediums I’m most known for — comics and TV/film — but the truth is that this always wanted to be a novel,” he further stated.

In Any Lifetime, the upcoming novel, tells the tale of Dr. Jonas Cullen, a man who is grieving the unbearable loss of his wife and unborn child after a tragic accident.

In desperation and sadness, Jonas takes on an attempt to discover an alternate universe where his family may still be alive.


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