Kendall Jenner mulls to give ex another chance?

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February 29, 2024

Reports suggest Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker are becoming close after Bad Bunny split

Kendall Jenner mulls to give ex another chance?

After breaking up with Bad Bunny, Kendal Jenner seemingly mends bridges with longtime ex Devin Booker as the pair are "working on their relationship."

Well-placed sources reveal the duo are yet to go back fully on their previous romance chemistry, but the insiders insisted they "have been spending a lot of time together. "

Meanwhile, the NBA star is over the moon for getting a second chance."He's happy to have a shot with Kendall again because he really missed her," after the pair split in 2022 after dating for four years.

Apart from that, the Kardashian star's inner circle is also rooting for the player.

"Kendall's close circle of friends never saw her dating Bad Bunny long-term, and they've been wanting her to get back with Devin for a long time," a mole squealed to Us Weekly.

Doubling down on the supermodel's friends' support for him, the tipster tattled, "They are now 'hopeful' that Kendall and Devin will 'make things official at some point soon."

"They had never seen Kendall so happy as they did when she was with Devin, and they were surprised they even broke up in the first place."

Noting, "Friends believe it's only a matter of time' until the duo are 'officially back on."


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