WhatsApp's weird new green features anger users

WhatsApp backtracks from new upgrade after users express frustration

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April 19, 2024
WhatsApps green features angers users. — AFP/File
WhatsApp's green features angers users. — AFP/File

WhatsApp, in a bid to revolutionise its app, ended up infuriating users earlier this week by adding capital letters to its "Online" and "Typing" tags, Daily Mail reported.

The tech giant swiftly retracted the modification after facing intense criticism on social media, saying the app was "going back to normal now."

However, it seems like the messaging application is not done yet as many users have noticed weird green features in the app, prompting them to take out their frustration on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One user wrote: "We don't like change. First the "Online" and "Typing" change, now the green notifications, green spellcheck, green cursor, green everything. 'But it's branding'…. No. We don't like change. Leave us alone."

The new features include green icons within the search function, a green cursor, green notifications, and green spellcheck.

Another user expressing his anger wrote: "WhatsApp. I'm begging on my knees - change the details back to blue. It's way too green for me."

Almost all users have shared their distaste for the new green shade chosen by WhatsApp.

Reacting to user comments, a spokesperson from WhatsApp said: "This was just a small test, but it's going back to normal now."