Karachi to 'remain gripped' by heatwave till June 1

Maximum temperature in port city will likely to go up to 41°C to 43°C, says PMD

Uneeba Zameer Shah
May 30, 2024
Karachi to remain gripped by heatwave till June 1
Volunteers spray water on commuters during a hot summer day at a street in Karachi on May 29. 2024. — Online

KARACHI: The PakistanMeteorological Department (PMD) Thursday said the port city will remain in the grip of a heatwave till June 1, leaving residents eagerly waiting for rain to bring the temperature down.

The Met Office, in its heatwave forecast, maintained that the weather in Karachi is likely to remain extremely hot and dry during the next 24 hours.

The maximum temperature, it added, will likely go up to 41 to 43 degrees Celsius, whilethe minimum temperature was recorded at 29.5°C during the last 24 hours. Humidity in the air is currently at 79%.

The weather department mentioned that winds are blowing from southwest at a speed of 8 kms per hour.

A day earlier, the feel-like temperature in the metropolitan reached 45°C as the heatwave continued to scorch its residents after Met Office's forecast of mercury rising.

PMD stated that the heatwave conditions were expected to grip Karachi Thatta, Badin and Sujawal districts till June 1.

Chief Meteorologist Sardar Sarfraz had also shared the same forecast, citing temperature reaching 40°C or more. He added that its might reach 42°C during the next two days in Karachi as Sindh is currently experiencing severe heat.

The chief meteorologist said that the rural areas of Sindh witnessed 53°C this season, adding that in 2017, the temperature of Turbat was recorded at 54°C — the highest in Pakistan's history.

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