These AI headphones allow you to have conversations even in noisy settings

Researchers at University of Washington revolutionise headphones experience with new AI powered system

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May 30, 2024
These AI headphones allow you to have conversations even in noisy settings
AI-powered headphones allow users to mute unwanted voices. — Pexels

Have you ever attended a boisterous party where all the loud chatter and music kept you from getting the tea from your friend and you just wished you could turn your friend's volume up?

Well, in case you ever did make that wish, it may have finally come true thanks to researchers at the University of Washington.

They have developed a headphones system, powered with artificial intelligence, enabling you to listen to a single person in a loud crowd just by looking at them for a few seconds.

The "Target Sound Hearing" system can "enrol" a specific speaker with just a glance, then filter out all other sounds to focus only on that person's voice.

AI-powered headphones allow to listen to single voice in noisy places. — YouTube/UW (University of Washington)

How does it work?

f you get your hands on these futuristic headphones, all you need to do is put them on, and tap a button while looking directly at the person you want to listen to for three to five seconds.

The microphones on the headset will capture that speaker's vocal patterns and feed the data into an onboard machine learning system.

Then, the AI latches onto the enrolled voice and plays only that audio back to the listener in real time, even in a noisy environment.

The researchers tested the headphones with 21 subjects who rated the voice clarity nearly twice as high.

Although it’s still a prototype, the researchers say their invention could eventually make its way into commercial earbuds and hearing aids.