King Charles' spare learning he's only got one real family

Prince Harry is reportedly coming to terms with the relationships he has

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June 14, 2024
King Charles’ spare learning he’s only got one real family

Prince Harry is allegedly learning the truth behind relationships and is reportedly seeing that he only truly has one family to lean on.

The former butler of King Charles, Grant Harrold issued these revelations regarding the Duke of Sussex.


It was all brought to light during his interview with OK Magazine.

In that interview Mr Harrold pointed out the royals’ hidden desire to be present at the Trooping of Colour event this year.

According to the former butler, “It’s something that he’s wanted and been thinking about. Now he’s probably made the decision that’s what he wants.”

“Not having a home in the U.K. was probably a joint decision initially, but as time goes on, people’s views and decisions can change.”

“You’ve only got one family, and this means he’s suddenly realized that, he also added before signing off.

“I’ve always said that Harry will probably return to the U.K. — his family are here, his friends are here, this is where he grew up,” Harrold said

Before concluding he also added that “It’s very big moving to another country and not having any connection to your old home,” so it “makes sense” to want to have residence close by.