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Tuesday Jun 14, 2016
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KP unveils Rs505bn budget

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KP unveils Rs505bn budget

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Finance Minister Muzaffar Said has presented the annual budget of Rs505 billion for the fiscal year 2016-17 in the provincial assembly on Tuesday.

The opposition members recorded their protest by raising slogans during his budget speech.

The minister said that emphasis is being laid on the education sector and Rs 11 billion 520 million have been reserved for education.

"Rs 12 billion 450 million have been reserved for primary and secondary education in the province. The provincial government has decided to build 100 primary and 100 secondary schools," he stated.

Finance Minister said Rs 38 billion have been allocated for health. Recommendation for change in tax implemented on cars has been given. He added that priority was given to curb corruption.

The provincial government has reserved Rs 100 million for sports and culture. Rs 334 billion have been reserved for current expenditures.

The health sector has been allocated funds amounting to Rs 17.4 billion whereas the elementary and secondary education sectors will receive Rs 16.9 billion. The higher education budget will have to contend with a budget of Rs 4.7 billion.

Rs 9.4 billion have been allocated for the local governments whereas Rs 8.2 billion have been allocated to the 'multi-sectoral development head which has a total of 39 projects under it in the ADP.

Rs 6.2 billion have been allocated to the agriculture sector while the transport sector will be provided by Rs 6.1 billion. The water sector has been granted Rs 7 billion while the roads sector, which will include development and repairs, have been allocated Rs 14.5 billion and will feature 330 projects.

The Finance Minister announced 10 percent increase in government employees’ salaries. Special fund is also allocated for the welfare of transgender community.

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