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Tuesday Aug 30, 2016

Pakistani company wins laurels at IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany

Pakistani company wins laurels at IFFA in Frankfurt, Germany

Pakistanis as a nation, tend to be pessimistic about their surroundings. Though poor law and order situation incline us to think in that direction, we forget that amidst all this unrest, we do have a lot of things to celebrate.

For instance, SyedaGhulam Fatima, a labour rights activist, was honoured with the Clinton Global Citizen Award for her leadership in civil society. We also have young students like HababIdrees, who secured third place in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg. To add to it, we have Pakistani teams and organizations that are making the nation proud in various walks of life.

Keeping up with this tradition, Pakistan was recently recognized and awarded in Germany at the IFFA International Quality Competition. K&N’s, a brand of premium frozen chicken products, won 5 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal for all 7 products they entered into the competitionagainst entries from Europe, North & South America, and Asia. K&N’s was also awarded a special trophy for winning 5 gold medals.

The IFFA International Quality Competition takes place every 3 years in Frankfurt, Germany and brands from all over the world submit their products to compete.

The awards are given on the basis of external product finishing, and condition of the package/container, product appearance, colour and composition, product consistency/texture and product aroma and taste. Independent and trained expert judges select the winners after careful analysis and tasting.

What is noteworthy in all this, is that K&N’s, a Pakistan based organization, which claims to be a beacon for Pakistan's Poultry Industry, has actually lived up to our expectations. Being awarded 7 medals, by the Germans, who are themasters of sausage making, in a competition where the best of the best are competing, is a huge honour for Pakistan which few can achieve.

It is safe to say, that this international recognition just strengthens our belief in K&N’s for providing us safe and healthy chicken.

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