After modeling is a movie next for chaiwala?

After modeling is a movie next for chaiwala?

With social media having a field day with talk of the blue-eyed chaiwala, it seems that this buzz will take some time to fizzle out.

Renowned Pakistani film director Syed Noor roped in the blue-eyed, mustached social media discovery in one of his upcoming films, according to latest reports.

There is no slowing down his journey as just a day ago he signed his first modelling contract and had a photo shoot.

Arshad's picture by local photographer Javeria went viral and the chaiwala who was working at the Sunday Bazaar became an overnight social media celebrity.

In Pakistan, the picture caused a sensation with #chaiwala being among the top Twitter trends on Monday.

"The picture was picked from my social media and people and made it a Twitter trend. It has now become famous worldwide," photographer Javeria said. 

The story was also picked up by international media, including popular US website Buzzfeed.




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