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Wednesday Nov 09, 2016

'Stop opposing Imran', Sheikh Rashid implores Khursheed Shah


ISLAMABAD: An awkward conversation between Sheikh Rashid and Khursheed Shah took place on Wednesday in the Parliament House when the former implored the latter to stop opposing Imran.

Sheikh Rashid ran into Opposition leader Khurshid Shah and with joined hands asked him to stop countering Imran.

“I am a politician, not shameless person,” was the stingy reply.

“Imran is also not shameless,” said Sheikh Rashid defending his old ally.

The small crowd around the two politicians also included PML-N leader Junaid Anwar.

PML-N's Anwar after witnessing the conversation hooted over Shah’s reply. After which Khursheed Shah said to Sheikh Rashid that they will talk in privacy as ‘PML-N leaders are also standing nearby’.

“I will send message to Imran through you,” said the Opposition leader. Sheikh Rashid agreed to Shah’s response and retorted that PML-N leaders ‘capitalise on others helplessness’.