Miseries in the life of Tayyaba

ISLAMABAD: Tayyaba, a 10-year-old child maid allegedly subjected to brutal torture at the residence of a judge in Islamabad, suffered perhaps all the miseries at a very tender age.

The girl was distanced from her mother and home while she was just eight years old. Thrown into the kiln of child labour to pay off her father's debts, Tayyaba allegedly continued to suffer brutal torture.

Her employers - Additional Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan and his family - apparently had no pity for the child maid.

Tayyaba's painful cries would often shook the neighbours of her employers in Islamabad, who would then solace the little girl by offering some food to her and with their consolations.

Eventually, the girl was freed of tyranny, but her ordeal didn't come to an end. The girl was then made to do the rounds of police stations and courts.

A child is after all a child, irrespective of the family he or she comes from, but this poor girl suffered from everything from torture, branding to courts.

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