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Friday Feb 10, 2017
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Australian senator tells Donald Trump 'Australia: Not Your Doormat'

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Australian senator tells Donald Trump 'Australia: Not Your Doormat'

CANBERRA: An independent Australian senator has conveyed a clear message to President Donald Trump that Australia will not be the United States' doormat, international media reported.

The fallout from Trump's phone call with Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull continues as Senator Nick Xenophon made a point of standing on a doormat - decorated with the face of US President Trump and reading, "Australia: Not Your Doormat".

The independent senator was standing outside the Parliament House in Canberra. He said it was to be presented to another politician, Cory Bernardi, who happens to be a Trump supporter.

"Just to remind President Trump that Australia is not the US's doormat, when it comes to issues of foreign policy given that Australia has been America's greatest ally and greatest friend. That phone call was completely uncalled for and I just think this door mat probably says it all. And the smug face of President Trump pretty well sums it up," Xenophon said on Tuesday.

Bernardi has announced that he would be leaving the Liberal Party and aims form a new political party, the Australian Conservatives.

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