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Thursday Mar 16, 2017

Pakistan warns of threat to entire region from Daesh in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has evidence of militant group Deash being present in Pakistan, Foreign Office spokesman Nafees Zakaria said during the weekly briefing on Thursday.

The spokesman told reporters that Daesh in Afghanistan was trying to threaten the security of Pakistan. “We have found evidence of the presence of Daesh in Afghanistan. This is not only a threat for Pakistan but also for other countries in the region.”

According to the spokesman, the closure of the Pak-Afghan border following a series of terrorist attacks was temporary and it would be reopened once necessary measures had been taken.

Nafees Zakaria also called on the international community to take notice of the treatment of Muslims in the Indian city of Bareilly who were being forced to leave. He stressed that the United Nations had already issued a report over the mistreatment of minorities in India.

Speaking on a recent statement of US CENTCOM Commander General Joseph Votel, the spokesman called on the international community to also take notice of this.

General Votel in his statement before the US Senate Armed Services Committee warned that conventional conflict between Pakistan and India could escalate into a nuclear exchange.

Nafees Zakaria further mentioned that General Votel had praised Pakistan’s efforts against terrorism.

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