Karan Johar reveals contents of Koffee Hamper

Karan Johar reveals contents of Koffee Hamper
Photo: courtesy Hotstar

Filmmaker Karan Johar finally revealed what’s inside his much celebrated Koffee Hamper, given to celebrity guests for winning Koffee Quiz in his controversial show.

In a special episode of Koffee with Karan, the director revealed what’s inside the hamper and it really turned out to be worth the fight.

The beautifully packed yellow and black basket contained the following items:

1. Brownies

2. Koffee mug, which has Goury's health bars

3. Merlin Levitating Orbital Speakers

4. Personalised roasted coffee

5. Coffee French Press

6. Nordic Candy

7. Forest Essentials - Facial Cleansing Paste

8. A designer voucher (The Bold Look Of Kohler) worth Rs 5 Lakhs

9. Health Jars by Nilofer Qureshi

10. More Chocolates

11. Champagne Bottle

12. Cookies 

13. Cheese Platter from The Label Life


Earlier, comedian Kapil Sharma had shared a picture of the hamper, giving the people a glimpse of the hamper’s contents. 

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