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Friday Apr 21, 2017
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PTI submits resolution against PM in KPK assembly, demands resignation

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PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has submitted a resolution in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Friday, demanding the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The resolution presented by MPA Shaukat Yousufzai states that after the Supreme Court's decision over Panama leaks, PM Nawaz has lost the moral and democratic justification to remain in the highest office of the country.

It further said that the Joint Investigation Team inquiry against the premier would lack transparency if PM Nawaz continues to remain in the office.  

Earlier today, PTI chairman Imran Khan had announced to hold a protest rally in the capital next Friday to demand the resignation of PM.

Speaking to media after a chaotic session of the National Assembly, Khan reiterated his demand that the Prime Minister should step down, following the apex court’s ruling that further investigation was needed into corruption allegations levelled by the opposition at the PM and his family.

Citing the dissent note by two judges of the Supreme Court, Khan said the PM had lost the moral authority to rule the country.

“Two senior SC judges [of the five-member bench] said the PM should be disqualified because he was no longer ‘sadiq’ and ‘ameen’,” the PTI chief said, adding that any other ruler in another country would have stepped down after these “historic” remarks.

“Nawaz Sharif no longer has the moral authority to be the prime minister. In any other country the ruling party itself would have demanded resignation from its ruler,” Khan said.

“Why is PML-N distributing sweets? What are they celebrating?” the PTI chairman questioned.

Khan said his party has invited all other opposition parties to join in the protest.

Criticising the formation of JIT by the Supreme Court to further investigate the prime minister and his sons over corruption allegations, he said it was not possible for the team to carry out a transparent investigation if Nawaz Sharif continued to be the prime minister.

Khan compared the current scenario with the UK where David Cameron quit after he lost the Brexit referendum, despite being elected with a landslide majority, because he lost the moral ground to lead.



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