India issues medical visa to ailing Pakistani child

The plea of the ailing child caught the attention of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj

Mona Khan

LAHORE: Four-month-old Rohaan, who is suffering from a heart ailment, finally received his medical visa due to the timely intervention of the Indian Foreign Ministry.

India has not issued medical visas to Pakistanis since three months.

The plea of the ailing child gained strength on social media and finally caught the attention of the Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

Upon the request of Rohaan’s father, the four-month-old was issued a medical visa by the Indian High Commission.

The father, Kanwal Sadiq, had initially applied for a visa in Indian state Uttar Pradesh, however, to no avail.

Sadiq’s friends advised him to use social media to contact Indian officials, following which he tweeted to the Indian Foreign Minister.

Swaraj promptly replied to the father’s plea on Twitter, after which the Indian HC issued three visas to the family.

According to the child’s father, they are still awaiting passports.

Rohaan is to undergo heart surgery in Uttar Pradesh's JP Hospital.

Since three months Pakistanis have been facing hurdles in receiving medical visas from India. The Pakistani FO had raised the matter with the Indian HC earlier as well.