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Saturday Jun 17 2017

Sharif family appearance before JIT ‘matter of shame, not applause’: Imran Khan


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan remarked that the appearance of the ruling Sharif family before the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is a “matter of shame, not applause.”

In a tweet, he wrote “It [should] be a matter of shame, not applause, for [Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz] that their [leaders], the [Prime Minister], [Chief Minister] and their kids have to appear before JIT on criminal charges.”

He further remarked, “Outrageous: PMLN comparing corrupt, money laundering, asset concealing, tax evading Sharifs to Hazrat Umar RA a paragon of honesty [and] virtue.”

On Friday, Imran Khan had claimed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had lied over the Qatari prince's letter to the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SCP) and National Assembly (NA).

“Had the Qatari letter been true there would have been at least a banking transaction. When Nawaz Sharif addressed the assembly, there was no mention of the Qatari prince – but the name was suddenly mentioned in the Supreme Court,” said the PTI chief while addressing a press conference to announce the inclusion of former PPP leader Imtiaz Safdar Warraich.

“Nawaz Sharif is accused of corruption, money laundering, concealment of assets and tax evasion,” he added.

Abid Sher Ali lashes out at Imran Khan

State minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali lashed out at Imran Khan and remarked that Khan is attacking the democratic institutions of the country while speaking to media in Faisalabad on Saturday.

Khan is politicising the forces and judiciary. “Are the institutions helpless in front of Imran Khan?”

Imran Khan keeps on saying whatever he wants regarding the country’s institutions and no one has taken notice of it, remarked Abid Sher Ali. “It seems as if Imran Khan has enslaved all the institutions. If anyone information is leaked, then Imran Khan is the first one to find out.”

Chief Justice of Pakistan should take a suo moto notice against Imran’s baseless allegations.

Abid Sher Ali also remarked that the person responsible for leaking premier’s son Hussain Nawaz’s picture of JIT interrogation should be named. It the party’s constitutional right to find out who was responsible for the picture leak.

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