Duties fulfilled: Soldier of mountains rests in peace

Levies soldier in Parachinar succumbs to wounds travelling between hospitals for treatment

PARACHINAR: Hailing from a village located at the foot of the white mountains in Kurram Agency, Tahir Hussain had chosen to join the Levies force to serve as a protector of his country.

Most of the people from the 200 households in the village — Zeran Yousufkhel — make a living by either working in the nearby fields or joining the Levies force or Frontier Corps.

Being a Levies man, Tahir was on the forefront of rescue efforts that were under way soon after the explosion occurred in Turi Market, Parachinar on June 23. He was busy in taking bodies out and helping injured being sent to the hospital when the second explosion occurred. Like many others taken into the fold, Tahir too was badly wounded.

He was taken to the hospital in Parachinar, where due to his critical condition, the doctors referred him to Peshawar. After a five-hour-long drive the wounded soldier was brought to Combined Military Hospital, but there too he could not be treated due to lack of space at the facility. He was then rushed to Lady Reading Hospital, but it was too late by then.

Tahir was living in Zeran Yousufkhel, situated at a distance of three kilometres from Parachinar. He joined the Levies force in 2012 and had recently completed the first part of FA.

His home comprised of his brothers and a sister. Their mother died of an unhealthy heart while hepatitis claimed their father’s life in 2011.

The 22-year-old levies soldier was contributing to the income of his household, which was also run by his elder brother Masaib Hussain, who worked as a farmer to make a living. Their younger brother Konain Husain had only recently given his FA exams.

Now that Tahir is no more to add to their household income, their elder brother Masaib has demanded the government provide a job to their younger brother Konain, which would also help him secure his future.