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Sunday Oct 01 2017

Police offer Rs0.5 million reward for 'Karachi knife attacker'


KARACHI: Pictures of a suspect — allegedly involved in the infamous knife attacks on women in the metropolis' Gulistan-e-Johar area — were released by Karachi Police late Saturday, with officials saying that the lone attacker "appears to be a lean man in his 20s".

Sultan Khawaja — the deputy inspector general (DIG) of Karachi's District East — announced that anyone who helps provide information, which could lead to suspect's arrest, would be awarded Rs0.5 million.

The police officer mentioned that a mobile phone number — +923003552256 — has been assigned specifically to this issue.

The attacks — which are believed to have been carried out by the same suspect — have so far left at least nine women wounded near Rabia City and Jauhar Chowrangi locales of Gulistan-e-Johar.

'Thin man, aged 20-29'

The latest attack came in the wee hours of Saturday when a woman was stabbed after getting out of a rickshaw near Mosamiat. She then headed to a nearby hospital for treatment in the same rickshaw.

Karachi Police released pictures — screengrabs from the CCTV footage — of the suspect Saturday night, wherein the assailant can be seen riding a motorbike moments before attacking one of the victims.

"The suspect appears to be a thin man, aged 20-29," DIG Khawaja said, adding that "he appears to be 5 feet, 7-9 inches tall" and usually rides a red motorcycle.

Unable to identify due to helmet

Earlier on Saturday, police booked two more cases reported by victims of stabbing attacks in and around Gulistan-e-Johar this week, bringing the total to five.

A 28-year-old woman — who claims she was attacked Thursday afternoon — said a man on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet, had attacked her with a sharp-edged instrument from behind.

Another victim — who was attacked sometime Tuesday — said an unidentified man on a motorcycle wearing a black helmet assaulted her from behind.

A student of seventh grade — another survivor — informed police that she was attacked from behind near Rabia City in the same area, adding that she was unable to identify the suspect since his face was covered with a helmet.

Widespread fear, panic in Gulistan-e-Johar

The incidents have sparked fear and panic among the area's residents, forcing women to take extra precautions before going outside.

A female student of Karachi University (KU) said police officers have advised women to be careful while walking on the streets.

“We have been directed to not leave our houses after Maghrib prayers,” explained another student.

Female students also said that they are taking all possible precautions, including avoiding walking alone at night and not staying out for too long.

A KU student said that the attacker seems to be suffering from a psychological disorder. “Normal people do not commit such acts,” she said.

Another student noted that government should take notice of the issue and resolve it immediately.


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