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Wednesday Dec 06 2017

Pakistanis welcome in London, says Sadiq Khan


LAHORE: London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Wednesday said that he welcomes the people of Pakistan to his city. 

“Pakistanis are welcome to come to London to study and work. Many successful Londoners who are scientists, teachers, and business owners are Pakistanis.”

He said that he hopes for good deals, friendships, and partnerships and added that London's citizens have rejected the process of hatred and divide.

"Better trade terms will be formed in coming years between Pakistan and London."

"After celebrating 70 years of Pakistan this year, I look forward to the next 70 years to celebrate the friendship between London and Pakistan."

"The main reason I am here is to spread the message that London is Open for business, friendship, and trade,” he said while speaking to the media in Lahore. 

"I love Pakistan and am aware of the challenges faced by the country."

Discussing Pakistan terms with its neighbour, India, Khan said that many Indians want to be friends with Pakistan and power of the common man can improve terms between the two countries.

Speaking at an event related to his 'London is Open' campaign at Al Hamra Arts Council, Khan said Pakistan has a lot of scope to improve its economy.

He added that Pakistan has a bright future in the international market.

In response to a question about the best thing that the visitors liked about Pakistan, Khan was quick to say ‘Pakistanis’ in response to applause by the audience.

"The warmth, the hospitality, the friendship, the love [of Pakistanis] is just phenomenal," he said. "I feel the warmth, affection, and support of some of you that I have never met before."

"Pakistanis are Pakistan’s greatest assets," Khan said.

 Khan reached Pakistan today (Wednesday) on a goodwill visit to promote his 'London is Open' campaign. He entered Pakistan from India via the Wagah Border Crossing and was received on the Pakistani side of the border by Mayor Lahore Col (retd) Mubashar and senior government officials.

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