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Friday Jul 20 2018

Around 1.6 million polling staff to be deployed on election day: ECP


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) released details on Friday about the number of polling staff and security personnel that will be working on July 25.

The election management body stated that 1.6 million electoral staff will be working on election day.

According to the ECP, there will be 449,465 policemen deployed on the day of the election out of which 202,100 will be posted in Punjab and Islamabad while 100,500 policemen will be stationed in Sindh.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 87,269 policemen will be on duty, according to the ECP.

Moreover, there will also be 300,071 army personnel will also be deployed across the country.

The notification further states that there will two members of the army posted inside the polling station while two will be posted outside.

A polling station during the 2015 LG election in Sindh. Photo: Gallup 

From the ECP staff, there will be 85,307 presiding officers on duty on July 25 — one at every polling station — with 510,356 assistant presiding officers and 255,178 polling officers on duty.

In Punjab and Islamabad, there will be 48,610 presiding officers with 281,062 assistant presiding officers and 140,534 polling officers on duty.

In Sindh, there will be 17,747 presiding officers while there will be 122,204 assistant presiding officers and 61,102 polling officers on duty.

KP and the tribal areas will have the services of 14,530 presiding officers, while there will be 83,692 assistant presiding officers and 41,846 polling officers.

On the other hand, Balochistan will have 4,420 presiding officers on duty who will be assisted by 23,398 assistant presiding officers and 11,699 polling officers.

Joining them will be 131 district returning officers (DRO) posted around the country with 272 returning officers (RO) and 600 assistant returning officers (ARO) for National Assembly.

Meanwhile, there will be 577 ROs and 1,140 AROs deployed for provincial assembly elections.

Overall there will be 2,720 DROs and ROs stationed on duty for the general election.

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