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Wednesday Jul 25 2018

Geo News and ConnectHear bring election results for hearing impaired


Voters in Pakistan came out in throngs to vote for their favourite candidates across the country, with TV channels providing timely updates.

Amidst the electioneering and some unfortunate news during election, we finally have some very positive news aimed at inclusion of marginalised groups.

Social entrepreneurial startup ConnectHear and an NGO NOWPDP have teamed up with Geo News to broadcast live election news and updates in sign language to ensure it reaches the deaf and mute community.

Their Facebook pages show various video updates explaining the process of voting in detailed yet simple terms.

“ConnectHear is a social entrepreneurial start up with the aim to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and mute community and the society through in-person and video call sign language interpretation, and an audio to sign language app,” the page says.

In various pictures captured today the differently-abled showed up to vote across the country. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) had also extended the facility of postal ballot to persons with disabilities.