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Friday Aug 10 2018

Karachi gangs use WhatsApp to demand extortion, Sindh IG takes notice

Just as peace started returning to Karachi, the sudden emergence of extortionists poses a threat to the city’s stable security situation.

With changing times, the extortionists have also adopted new ways to deliver threats. Long gone are the days when threats were sent on pieces of paper with extortion amount, or even sending them on short message service (SMS).

A trader from Old City area of Karachi complained to police after receiving a threat as an audio note on WhatsApp.

The gangsters demanded extortion money from the trader and threatened serious consequences upon refusal to pay. Interestingly, the extortionists are using a foreign number to send the threats, so they can’t be traced.

The threat the trader received stated that the extortionists will kill him if he fails to meet their demands.

When their first threat failed, the extortionists sent another message to the trader.

The message stated: “We have the details of your whole family. You did not understand this way. Now, we will teach you in another way.”

According to the police, the extortionists belong to the Faisal Pathan group of the Lyari Gang war.

The trader has informed police of the whole situation while Inspector General of Police Sindh has also taken notice of the incident. 


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