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Friday Aug 17 2018

Karachi crime: 199 people killed, over 18,000 phones snatched this year

KARACHI: More than 18,000 mobile phones were stolen at gunpoint between January and July 2018 in the city, compared to 16,000 phones last year, according to data released by the Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC).

According to CPLC report, 18,384 mobile phones were stolen in Karachi in the last seven months whereas 16,988 were stolen during the same period in 2017. 

As many as 199 people were killed during the period.

Two cases of bank robberies and 33 incidences of extortion were reported. 

Around 12,573 motorcycles were stolen while the number of cars stolen/snatched amounted to 474 during the last seven months.

More than 3,000 phones stolen in July

According to the CPLC's monthly data, 3,207 mobile phones were stolen in July 2018, while 130 were recovered.

A total of 2,778 motorcycles were snatched while 574 were recovered.

131 cars were snatched during July, whereas 43 cars were reported to have been recovered.

There were also three cases of extortion and 25 people were killed in the city during the last month.