Dog critically injured after being shot by children in Karachi

ACF says their vets operated on the dog for five hours last night but he is still very critical

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Grace was shot multiple times, says ACF. Photo: ACF Facebook

KARACHI: Animal rescue organisation Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (ACF) on Saturday said a stray dog has been critically injured after being shot by children in the metropolis.

In a Facebook post, ACF said, “Grace was shot multiple times yesterday. He has three bullets lodged inside him. One in his shoulder. One in the limb and one in the chest. The others went through to leave painful holes in his organs.”

The organisation, which provides refuge, medical treatment and rescues street animals that have been injured and abused, said Grace was attacked for “protecting the garbage dump where he and his other dog friends eat from daily”. “He was simply barking at passersby who would throw stones and rocks at them daily,” ACF said.

“This was done at the hands of children,” the organisation stated while urging that children need to educated about humanity and rights of all, including animals.

“The vets have removed one bullet from the shoulder joint. His bones are crushed which means that he was shot from a close distance, so most likely confined and shot. His temperature is very low, his body cold and he had lost a lot of blood. Our vets operated on him for five hours last night, hoping we can save his life. But he will need to go for an X-Ray so we can find the bullets but the only place for radiology is too far away from the shelter and could risk his life further,” ACF further shared.

The animal rescue organisation added, “Today, Grace is not in pain at the moment. But he is still very critical and might not make it.”

“Stop talking. Start doing. Educate your own otherwise be prepared for the worst state of human condition in the future to come,” it urged.

The Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 2013 for rescuing and rehabilitating stray injured animals and working with other marginalised communities.