Saturday, February 02, 2019

Journalists protest non-payment of salaries, layoffs in Karachi, Islamabad

The JWAC warned of a series of country-wide protests if the journalists' issues were not resolved


KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: Employees of media houses and various journalistic set-ups staged protests in the metropolis over the months-long delay in salaries and pay cuts, as well as forced layoffs.

Journalist groups, trade unions, members of the civil society, and a large number of political party leaders and workers took part in the demonstrations.

Protests and demonstrations were also held in Islamabad.

In the sit-in that turned into a roadblock, the Joint Workers Action Committee (JWAC) gave an ultimatum that if the government fails to take immediate steps to resolve the matter, more protests will be staged in front of the Parliament House and at other locations across the entire country.

The JWAC warned of a series of country-wide protests if journalists' issues were not resolved.

At the protest camp, participants held placards and chanted against the unjust pay cuts and layoffs.

Protesters further emphasised that the government's decision to stay mum about the exploitation of employees in Pakistan's media houses equates to criminal silence and that there was evidence this was being orchestrated in line with behind-the-scenes collusion.

The demonstrators demanded the provincial and federal governments to immediately take notice of the issue.