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Friday Mar 01 2019

Indian officials fail to provide evidence of attack inside Pakistan

Indian defence officials fail to respond to journalists' queries regarding Balakot attack death toll, Pakistan's use of F-16 jets in response to Indian aircraft's intrusion into its airspace. — Geo News screengrab

NEW DELHI: Indian defence officials failed to answer several questions by journalists pertaining to the attack inside Pakistan and response by Pakistan Air Force to Indian jets’ intrusion into Pakistani airspace.

As the representatives of Indian armed forces came to address a press conference on Thursday evening, they faced queries from reporters regarding the death toll in Balakot, any evidence of Pakistan's use of F-16 jets in downing of Indian aircraft and several others.

Indian defence officials, instead of responding to the questions, kept ducking them.

They claimed that Indian attack was successful, however, failed to tell the journalists about casualties, if any.

Regarding the claims of the use of F-16 jets by Pakistan, the officials said it was established through radar signature matching and parts of a missile found from Rajauri, Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK).

They failed to explain as to how did they ascertain the part of the missile came from a Pakistani F-16 jet, neither they could provide any evidence of radar signature matching.

The representatives of Indian forces went on to say that the wreckage of the downed jet in Azad Kashmir shown by Pakistani media was not of an Indian fighter jet.

Asked if they considered the release of captured Indian pilot by Pakistan a positive move, the officials could only say they were happy with the announcement, but failed to appreciate Pakistan’s “peace gesture”, perhaps fearing a backlash.

They also said the relations between the two countries depend upon Pakistan, adding that if Pakistan initiated any action, they would respond to it.

The officials completely forgot that it was Indian Air Force that violated the Pakistani airspace first, escalating tensions between the two countries.

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